90 Days to Sweet abundance

This is my signature wellness program.


Have you wanted your own personal Essential Oil Guide? Energy Healer? And Wellness Coach to uplift Body, Mind and Spirit?

Well of course you have, and now I am here!

I'm thrilled to combine my shamanic skills, expertise in essential oils and passion to bring to you a package that will nourish you to radiance in 90 days. 


In 3 months you will :

  • Receive 3 healing sessions and 4 wellness coaching calls.

  • Get a list of intuitively aligned high-quality doTERRA essential oil products with personalized protocols.

  • Impact your body, mind and spirit in a whole new way!

  • Improved and boosted immunity and other body systems.

  • Learn to get the most value out of your doTERRA membership.

  • Optional - Receive free product while working with me and have doTERRA dollars to spend at the end of 90 days.

  • Get access to private Facebook groups.

One Program, Two Different Ways to Join.


Don’t Have Oils Yet?

Become my VIP doTERRA customer and receive 40% off my signature program. Learn how to integrate the oils to uplevel your body, mind and spirit.


How you’ll feel after just 90 days

  • Simply feel better! More hopeful, uplifted and access to more peace.

  • Confident in using essential oils. You’ll have a practiced understanding of how to use your essential oils.

  • Clear, I take out the confusion and answer your questions.

  • Empowered with daily personalized protocols you can keep using beyond our 90 days together.

  • Protected and prepared with natural solutions right in your home.

  • Supported by our vast library and continued education from wellness professionals.


Don't just get the oils, combine them with a dedicated, caring Modern Medicine Woman. I listen to your unique situation, create personal protocols, offer healing sessions and I has your best intentions in her heart.

I have years of experience on using essential oils for up-leveling my family's health, creating emotional balance and even using the oils to have a greater connection with my Spiritual practice. I tap into the wisdom of the plant kingdom, via essential oils daily. They are apart of my life and remind me to pivot from routine and step into Living Ritual Daily. They support me, and I know they will support you, in profound ways.