Is your energy going 100 miles an hour in 100 different ways? 


Have you been wishing to be more...

- Fully Present - Centered - Liberated - Whole -



Do you want to...

- have more new choices available to you?

 - hear and trust your inner voice?

- end the cycle of overwhelm & drama?


My name is Amber Jane Arquette and I help heal sensitive beings using a 40,000 year old tradition of spirit medicine.

This is a soul-level of care that is so needed in a world that is now shaped by speed instead of reflection. 

I needed time to reflect on why I was so anxious - all the time. And why my life was filled with negative energy. Spirit medicine help me to eliminate negative patterns and established within me the ability to be more clear, decisive and happy.

I invite you to explore how our work together can completely change your energy, too.

Book your 20 minute free call with me here.

All my blessings,

Amber Jane