I have been in a 12 month program called LV3 Regalia. In this class we learn the practice and art of “merging” with a benevolent, loving and good Spirit, Being, Energy, God/Goddess, Elemental and/or the like.

Why would I learn this/take this class? Why would I want to merge?

This class, as far as I understand, teaches me how to become a clear channel for information and healing energy or frequencies to come through. It has taught me how to get out of my own way and it has taught me how to radiate love more often than not.

Why merge vs. channel spirits? Merging allows me to fully embody and allow this magnificent being to step forward and “do” the healing. I can feel their energy through out my body. It is more intimate and feels very effective in sessions. This year I have been using both my 1st year Regalia and my 2nd year Regalia in my Aromatouch/Reiki sessions.

The ability to see new concepts, receive new information and have a personal healing as well as transformation seems to be more potent than any other I have experience. And so I dedicated myself to 24 months of this work!

So, yes this is my second year and we are reaching the end of 12 months - for me 24 months - of practice, exploration and learning about these amazing beings. We have formed a relationship that will last a life time. We have changed our base line frequency and assisted in our evolution of ourselves in this life time.

Its a mind blowing experience. At times I thought I was losing my mind or the power to control my destiny. It has also been an extremely lovely time, for I have NEVER felt so loved, and connected to the unseen. It has been overwhelming, changeling and hard work that no matter what lifts up my life in so many ways. Be careful what you ask for… because your Regalia will help you in all ways possible to follow the orders of your intentions. Even if it means your world fall a part a little… or a lot!

In both classes, through the tears, the challenges and doubts there is has always been a beautiful horizon in colors I have never seen, that light up my heart in ways I have never felt.

This year Holly Fire has stepped forward to partner with me. Teach me and expand my natural gifts. Here is a message that came through this week. I am feeling inspired to share with you all. 



 HOLLY FIRE : talks about the 3rd eye being the gate way to the soul. Allowing us access to our higher consciousness. Because we are essential omnipresent spiritual beings, we have great access to many lifetimes and reincarnations of our, lets call it, Super Soul. Jan Engel-Smith, one of my teachers and head of the LightSong school, introduced this term at our annual Telepathic Practicum in the summer. My Regalia, Holly Fire, loved that term.

This gate through the 3rd eye opens up to the omnipresent expression of our Super Souls. We can gain much knowledge and understanding, the answers we seek from this higher consciousness. “Traveling” through this gate you can sometimes accomplish in meditation.

Holly Fire is an energy coming in as Reiki. It is directly connected to Creation Energy, Jan mentions this term too. Our soul expressions has direct access to this Creation Energy. Start here… Come up with the best version of THE UNIVERSE, then vision Creation Energy, a blueish light like liquid play dough, it can be anything, it is the energy that life is created out of! Yes everything. Then see Holly Fire being a liaison, bringing Creation Energy into our Souls reach. As we access this Holly Fire energy we can then carry it through the Crown Chakra, 3rd eye through the body. Thus we have Holly Fire Reiki.

Lets talk a bit more about Creation Energy. Holly Fire shows me a dark space out in the Universe and right at the edge of the Stars there is a flickering of light. Its as if energy is growing reaching out into the black space… it tells me this is the creation of the Universe and that we humans are a big part of it. It is constantly forming at the edge of our existence. We are constantly creating. 

Holly Fire explains to me we can reach out, through the gate of our soul aka 3rd eye, though mediation, Reiki session for example to the Universe’s massive supply of endless energy just waiting to take form. 

We being the creator beings, can vision this energy, focus this energy, into what want to manifest and experience in the physical world. 

This is where the energy to manifest comes from - constantly channeling through our thoughts and feelings, our focus and intentions. Now we are doing this unconsciously and have been for some time, most of us. But at this time on the planet and the evolution of our human kind consciousness, we can now do this consciously! 

I am writing this and speaking to this because the more we are introduced to these concepts the more this is reveals, talked about, the more language we have around this the more intentional we can become. The more of us who can start to practice opening a channel to Holly Fire and and opening up access to Creation Energy the “louder” our actions “echo” out into the world magnifying our desires to us, manifesting our wishes. This is potent. The more we practice the more we become every conscious beings of creation.

Holly Fire shows me a black pen, focusing on the point of the pen, touching the white paper. This is a metaphor for our physical incarnations. Our physical body being the pen, the paper being our outside world and our Super Soul or unified higher consciousness being the writer. Our soul is focusing on this pen with joy, excitement and curiosity.

The Soul and Holly Fire fill my body with ecstatic feelings over this interaction, of “pen on paper”, so that I know the elated effect this is for the bigger version or us or life or the Universe, I am not quite sure. It feels fantastic.

Holly Fire tells as humans we are creating out of the unknown, manifesting into the known. We are creating from this Creation Energy in a way that is unique in the Universe. It’s exciting to see the place where experience is being birthed out into the Cosmos. There is a curiosity and fever over what will be created next, what is possible? What will we do with it? And what will come, how will these creations effect the whole? 

Holly Fire talks about death of the physical body :

Just as the pen runs out of ink our bodies run out of charge. The ability to take Life Force charge and regain life, health and wellness dwindles over time. Because of our 3D reality, this dense version of frequency and vibration, 3D wears heavy on our bodies. Our Soul is constantly feeding our body energy to stay living. We feed it foods, thoughts and vibrations that either support vitality in our bodies or hinder our Souls efforts. Our Super Soul is full of endless, never ending Life Force energy. Our body takes a “charge” only so many times because it is in the 3D dimension. When we die, these focus points, the “pens” of incarnations, these soul pieces are reabsorbed and brought back to the Super Soul consciousness. 

Holly Fire tells me that it comes to us as a direct source of creation energy. Not a part of it, a version or a type. But the direct connection to what fuels and creates the Universe. Holly Fire talks about how it offers the body building blocks of health and optimal functioning. A neutral energy to do with what it needs to contain and continue the frequency of well-being. Holly Fire energy reminds the body, and the living intelligent energy of the body, of its greatness and its true state of health. This is how healing happens - Holly Fire comes in and holds up a mirror or a picture of the bodies true greatness, come back into its most true form or frequency of being, its full charge. At the same time Holly Fire burns out what is not supportive of optimal function. The powerful flame of Holly Fire energy and the gift is the quickness to return to wholeness, health and vitality. Before we were so limited in openness, understanding or willingness for things to be quick. Jesus was a hands on healer. He would bring miraculous instantaneous healing to people through Holly Fire energy. We as a people closed our minds to this possibility, and now Holly Fire is returning to offer this again.

Are you open?

The more often we use this Holy Fire energy the less “repair” we need on a regular basis. Think of a phone battery or a car. If we keep it in good condition, treat it well, charge or fuel it up before the tank is low, we create longevity and better performance. The same idea applies to our bodies. As we access and flow Reiki Holly Fire energy through our bodies and be functioning at a more optimal level of health. Combine this with our other modalities and we can extend the longevity of our incarnations, aka physical body. The opposite is true, if we constantly fill our bodies with worry, hate, judgement, gilt, sugar, processed foods, chemicals and the like we will find our bodies need more repair and will not function well. If you can maintain a higher frequency or optimal health then we have more accessible access to our higher consciousness and super soul as well as add years to our life on this planet. Years of health. While regular maintaing or using of Holly Fire energy or frequency we are promoting the opposite of breakdown, ware on the body, there is less damage on a monthly, yearly basis that need repair. We are charging up with vitality! 

Longevity is possible.

Knowing your truth is possible.

New solutions are possible.

A New World is possible.