Lavender                      The Oil of Blessings


A blessing waits for you in the garden. I see a kiss floating to you through the air, as it sparkles and dances in the breeze. Lavender is blowing you a kiss. Do you feel it’s blessing on the way to you? This blessing swirls around you, and your energetic fields absorb its sweetness, like the lust of a honey bee. When you walk by Lavender its winks and says hi. Will you take a moment to say hello in return? Lavender is here for you, opening the blessing fields. It assures you. All is good in the world.




Often we know Lavender as the oil of communication, but it is much more than that. It is the oil that allows us to give and receive blessings. The gift we get from Lavender, which allows us to  see the good in others, open us up to listen and communicate in new ways. It activates our higher consciousness. 


In my journey to Lavender, it has shown me a stream of light consciousness as it descends from the Heavens, tapping my crown chakra to awaken. As it opens up, it becomes a beautiful purple Lotus, like a crown floating and glowing just above my head. As this pillar of light from the crown comes in, it lights up my 3rd eye so that I can see to a deeper depth than the physical eyes would ever permit. This inspires, brightens up my frequency so that I can send this blessing of energy to anyone I wish - as can you. This energy continues to travel down, landing in my heart, lighting up and activating the flame within. This flame is in all of us. It is the Divine life force we are made of; and lavender allows us to see that we all come from the same Creator. We are all connected.


Lavender unites us to a purer version of ourselves. It reminds us of the truth of ourselves; giving us hope in others as well as hope in our own Divinity.


Lavender helps us see that others may have a truth that is different from ours and that is Divine too.


As an oil of communication, Lavender can help clear away the habit or the culture of gossip. Do you want to change the way you talk about people? Do you want to hear less gossip from a friend? Spray Lavender around a break room or a living room, for example, to clear away gossipy energies. 


You can help change the dynamics in relationships by diffusing or anointing yourself before visiting with people whom you tend to gossip with. 


Lavender can helps us to stop talking in circles and repeating old stories. For as we repeat stories, it is as if we are putting money into that bank of those emotions. Where do you want to be putting your money? Do you wish to invest in frustration, or invest in more happiness? Let's invest in more happiness!


Lavender has the ability to uplift our conversations. It also promotes honest heart to heart communication in place of exaggerated story telling. It allows pure wisdom to be more accessible and inspires connection.




Lavender can connect us to the Angelic realms; the realms of blessing. We can call on the Angels to use their wings and clear away any energies that weigh us down. We can use this in ceremony or any number of daily rituals. It can wash away any untruths that may be keeping us captive. We can even call on Arch Angel Michael, in combination with Lavender, to clear attachments from our auric fields. 


We can even ask Lavender to clear the lies we have told about ourselves, and to others as well. In this case you might be wanting to clear the habit of feeling that you need to lie in order to be accepted. You would work with Lavender for a 28 day cycle to clear the mark that these mis-truths have left. It would also work if you would like to start telling a new story about another, or clear the energetic mark of mis-truths you have told about someone else.

You can do one of two exercises:


A) You can write a forgiveness letter and anoint yourself with Lavender. Ask for their forgiveness, and your own forgiveness of yourself. Use the ho'oponopono prayer and anointment for a 3, 6 or 9 day cycle.


B) Write the attributes you appreciate about the person (or yourself). Keep this up for a 28 day cycle. Use Lavender throughout the month in daily ritual. If you are wishing to know more about ritual, Click here for information; New Moon : Align with Heart events, for a powerful night, every 28 days.




Lavender oil has an amazing ability to assist us in being comfortable with silence. We often fill the space with words because we are afraid or uncomfortable of silence. Silence can create intimacy, which can also be uncomfortable. It can drop us into our hear space making us more vulnerable, more authentic, and desiring of connection.  When we center into our hearts, we become more easily present. This heart felt presence leads to enjoying the moment more fully. Thus, this often inspires gratitude. 


Think about this domino effect : ~ silence ~ heart centered ~ present ~ enjoyment ~ gratitude. This combination and sequence naturally encourages us to speak with intention. It can help us to really listen, speak with purpose, and also hold our tongue; knowing that just sharing silence also serves to connect with others.  



I love to sing and yet I still find every once in a while I have a day where I have not sung a note! We have some pretty high standards in our media, when it comes to singing. These high standards of what singing is “supposed to” be like shuts us down. Lavender and I invite you to start singing again. Lavender can re-balance your voice and encourage song. When we sing, it re-balances and replenishes the Throat Chakra adding vitality and bringing health. Like the old saying goes, it “Cleans out the pipes.” There is a long list of reasons to sing, and how it positively effects the body. I suggest finding a way to bring song back into your voice!



Ways you might use Lavender:


Create a spray or diffuse Lavender and Wild Orange. These two oils help us with blessing ourselves and others. It connects us into the wildly abundant world we live in.


Do you need a pick me up, a prayer or some tenderness? Place a drop of Lavender on the crown and 3rd eye, and say out loud, “Blessing bestowed on everyone. May you be blessed. May I be blessed.”


If it is hard to hear or see a situation from another’s truth, ask Lavender to allow you to see through the eyes of light; the light of God in them.


Combine Lavender and Frankincense on your throat, and Geranium on her heart, before a crucial conversation. 





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