The Oil of Self or Sacred Humbleness


Rosemary can teach us how to humbly be ourselves, and to allow us to relax back into our natural state.

Rosemary shows us the essence of our own character; by amplifying the ability to be one’s self in the present. 

This means, Who You Are Now, right now. Not who you have been or who you will become, but your true self in this moment. The person who is thinking and being you, presently.

The gift of Rosemary is the knowledge, in this moment, that you are the exact person that will get you to where you want to be. 


Isn’t that exciting to think about?


If you were to either deny, or ask this version of yourself to hurry up and be another version, that would simply steal the moment of arrival! The celebration! The honor and the gratitude of what is now! 


When we hurry ourselves to grow up, get good, be perfect, improve; this perpetuates the whip that will keep crack’n and steal our joy.


Rosemary can help you with the desire of being like another person because it shows you that you cannot succeed at anything other than what you came into this life to be. There is a wholeness, a complimentary design in WHO you are and all your part. Rosemary will help you see this.


Rosemary embodies :

Blood & Bone - The Heart Beat - Inner Strength 

Our Earthly presence.

Earth Energy.

A centered mind.


Rosemary can connect us into the potency of our Character, and help us develop even further as we will have the understanding and awareness of where we start and where we stop. This is helpful for people who take on the baggage and responsibility of others.


“Our only task, in this life, is to become more whole ourselves.”


Rosemary can assist us in being honest about what we can actually take on. Reminding us to say yes to what we can show up for. Not what we wish we could. This is because Rosemary speaks the truth to us; telling us that we can dilute our “self” and disperse our energy, which makes us essentially ineffective.


Please, remember to center into the truth that You Are Enough. Practice becoming neutral with yourself. Use Rosemary to inspire a neutral understanding - You are who you are, and do not need to be a judged. (Less Attached)


In my Journey to Rosemary, it shows me its dark green spiny leaves, and it’s strong fragrance and woody trunk. As Spring time flowers start to bloom on the branches, a balancing starts to happen for Rosemary - a blending of Masculine and Feminine energies. Rosemary tells us, in its physical form, that it can help us to balance these energies. I find this fitting for the topic of SELF and a natural unfolding because as we become better stewards of ourselves, we become more balanced as well. We also become more accepting of our Masculine and Feminine sides; for they both exist within each of us.

We can turn down the aggressive behaviors, or overly passive behaviors, and start to define borders where we haven’t before.




Rosemary can soothe any feeling that we must prove ourselves to others. I suggest a diffuser blend of Rosemary, Wild Orange and Vetiver. We can use these blends to help clear doubt of self and bring in feelings of capability.


Blend Topical Blend (HD Clear) with Rosemary, and a carrier oil, to clear away doubt in your Sacral Chakra. Rub in a counter clock wise motion, front and back. Declare your release and repeat 3 times your new belief in who you are, your innate truth. Claim your magnificent human-ness! Repeat for a 7 day cycle.


Also, let the self opinions of you disintegrate as Rosemary blends with Frankincense; let it invite you into the present moment. You will feel more centered in your body and mind. Let go of the cultural belief systems that do not resonate. You can diffuse the oils during meditation, or simply put on the bottoms of your feet and back of neck, and then take a walk in nature.


As always the plants remind me we live in the Garden of Eden, with all these gifts at our finger tips. I feel a wholeness when I connect in with Rosemary. I feel an ease in being myself, an accepting all my parts and a comfort in my being-ness. Right here, right now, all is well.






This is a body of work in process for a larger book.

Let me know if you enjoyed learning the Spiritual benefits of Rosemary, and 

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Amber Jane Arquette