As soon as the words organized themselves in my mind, a jolt of excitement and joy lit up my spine! I grabbed my phone and called my mom.


"Mom!", I said with a huge smile on my face. "The oils are singing. They are literally singing! They are so alive with Spirit, I can actually hear them!” I went on to say, “Its like a choir of Angels are behind these oils. Mom, they are here to help us! They are going to change the world."


Artist : Rodel Gonzalez

Artist : Rodel Gonzalez


Whether my mom fully understands me or not, she is always been there to listen, and is open to the possibility that I hear, see, feel, and get insights to things most people don’t.


I made that call in 2011. My heart had skipped a beat when I realized that there was more than scent to these little brown bottles. I look back on that day, and as I recall the memory, my mind paints a picture of the room filled with sunshine. Light was beaming in through the white curtains, with a halo of Angelic warmth. It was as if my whole world was filling up with Spirit; and I was filling up with hope.


The essential oils surprised me, as I had never met any others like these. I could feel the high vibe - pure, potent, plants, alive and thriving in the bottles and in my cells. I could feel them changing me on a cellular level, doing their magic. These oils seemed channeled to me.


Lotus Hartley was the real life Angel that first brought the oils to me, and we used to call our group the "Oil Fairies"; as we went everywhere anointing people. I had several oils at this point, and was using them for daily support. I was devouring every bit of information I could get my hands on. I learned about the vast physical support they offered such as incorporating them in my postpartum care, and lifting me out of my mood swings. It was amazing that my baby at ages 6, 9, & 18 months had never been sick. I was finding the oils so much easier to incorporate than my homeopathic or herbal remedies, and with faster results.


I then I started down the path of emotional well-being and brain health. I opened book after book, and listened to webinar after webinar on how to use the oils. I feel deeper in love the more I learned. My connection to the oils was expanding, and my intuition was forming an alliance with these plant medicines. It seemed I was starting to know which ones would help what before I even referenced my books on a specific ailment.  



The day that I called my mom to tell her I could hear the oils, I standing in front of the oils bottles where they were placed in a beautiful, burnt carmel wooden display. I found my doTERRA essential oils to be so beautiful, and they were beginning to become very special to me. I started to refer to them as my friends. I started taking them with me everywhere. I now look back knowing that I was somehow connecting into their vibrational signatures. They truly can help us simply by us being in their presence. I will write more on that in another blog entitled: CONJURING THE VIBRATIONS OF THE PLANTS.


To this day I know that I cannot comprehend the totality of the gifts these plant essences have given to me, but what I do know is that I am happier and healthier than ever, and far more empowered than I would ever have been as a mom and a healer without them. They have risen to the occasion time and time again.


The oils have been on a mission. The plants have been speaking, and waving their petals very eager to help us all. “OVER HERE”, they say. “I am an answer to your call." “Come back to me." "I am here on this Earth for you." "We are meant to be in relationship together.”


In a time where we have lost our connection to Nature; forgotten our jobs as good stewards of the land - as well as eliminated the plants place in our home cupboards - they have not forgotten or given up on us. They are here now stronger than ever.


They have been calling and I am listening.


The plants have an agenda to help, and I believe that in this liquid form, they are an answer to our call for help. The kind of help that gives us an edge in our toxic world. The kind of help that can support our Body, Mind and Spirit to keep us free of disease. The plants have ascended into a new pure form so that we can as well.




Hearing the plants sing is one amazing thing, and NOW, I GET TO have longer conversations with the plants.



Currently, these conversations are very detailed messages and visions. They remind me of a time when I was a little girl out in nature. I now walk in my garden almost daily, and I say hello and listen ... the trees beam their loving smiles down on me, inviting me in. I brush the soft blossoms of the Fox Gloves, and they appreciate the affection. I make a big fuss by telling the Rhubarb just how magnificent its jungle-sized leaves are, and I see his  energy grow bigger as the Leo he is soaks up my compliment.  I stop to stare into the depths of the Roses, as they hold the most mysteries. My time with the plants feels intimate, and I give thanks to the bubble bees for sharing the space with me. I call to the crows; and I stop and acknowledge the slugs, the spiders and the lady bugs, for they know the interconnectedness of all. They live in harmony and symbiosis.



Each plant, each flower, each tree - they have a personality just like you and me. 





This is a body of work in process, for a larger book.

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