Our human ears can only hear so much, but our human body, brain, energy systems and our subtle bodies, hear so much more!

When I say I have conversation with the plants, it is an internal process of communication.

I use a 40,000 year old technique as one of the basis of core shamanism; this technique is commonly called Journeying. It is allowing the mind to go into a trance-like state that opens up other ways of receiving information. Some people use traditional plant medicines, like mushrooms or Iowaska, to open the mind and connect with the Spirit World or Higher Self Consciousness.

I have been taught to journey to the Spirit world with the simplicity and practice of a drum beat. A specific drum rhythm that allows my attention to settle into the Right hemisphere of my brain. This puts me in a trance-like state where my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience come into play.

To receive the messages of the plants that you read in my blog, I journey with my drum in my beautiful home office, where many healing sessions take place. This sacred time creates the space for the individual oils and plants to talk with me. I ask questions and they tell me in words, pictures, feelings and understandings about the gifts they bring to us and how they can support our well-being.

I have found the plants to be characters, just like us. They will tell me stories and show me pictures. If feels like being in a dream - they will tell me things about them, or about the natural world. Depending on the "personality" of the plant, I notice whether they are strong, gentle, light, quiet or loud. All things have a Spirit, and that Spirit has an agenda. The plants seem to tell me that their agenda at this time is to help heal and rebalance our Bodies, Minds, and Emotions; thus making way for the expansion of our consciousness and Spirit.

I often wonder ... are the plants speaking louder now, or are we now listening more? The plants are certainly clear that they want me to bring forward these messages to you at this time. I am excited, filled with joy, and in gratitude to be of service; to bridge the natural world and the man made world, to help blend the slow with the fast. Through these essential oils, I believe, a whole new world of life, wellbeing, and experience is open to us. 


May the messages of the plants deepen your relationship with Spirit, your spiritual connection, and inner knowing. May the plants become your tools to the work we yearn to do in order to overcome our trajectory.  


Its has been a true joy, this process. I love each plant, flower or tree I meet, just like a close friend. Through this process, many of the messages and teachings I have received have been one's that I have personally needed. Universal truths have been woven into this medicine that anyone can gain from. 



I enjoy bringing to you a side of these plant oils you may not have heard before. They are here to help bring our modern society back into balance with the natural society. They have been out of the house and home for far too long. They have been yelling to be of service and I have heard their call. 




This is a body of work in process for a larger book.

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Amber Jane Arquette