Vetiver has been calling me and it is even in our New Moon Blend this month.


Here is a small bit of info that came through in intuitive writing. I think Vetiver is going to speak to releasing trauma.


This oil is the oil for being present in a way where non of your past comes with you. There is no space for you wounds or trauma in this moment. Just the blissful moment of freedom from it.  I think one of the reasons it is coming in, is to help interrogate life force energy that has been caught up in old stories and histories in this life as well as other life times. 


When we become still, we invite a peacefulness and a collection of the self. Collecting the pieces of the self.  Pulling all of ourself in. Creating wholeness again.  Mediation is so good for this right, but beyond quieting the mind, we can center on the heart and feel into a grounded, peaceful, freedom, whole self. 


The outside world can pull us or distract us in many different directions. Vetiver can bring us back into our own wise knowing and feeling that all is fine. The world will not explode without us.*** more on this at the bottom.


When we take this time to refuel and center/listen to our hearts and feel the love that is always around us, we can serve the world better.


Vetiver can guide us through change and growth with divine connection to our higher selves. You will be able to see yourself and other with more clarity and more love, forgiveness or understanding. 


Are you ready to open more doors to let the light come in? 



*** The world will not explode or fall apart with out us. Just as the roots of the vetiver grass holds on to the soil, when you dig it up it is a huge effort to get it out of the ground. We see that the root ball is a tangle of roots and soil that we assume are holding it all together. But what if we switched our perspective and saw that the earth, the soil was holding the vetiver. Feeding, supporting and creating space for the Vetiver grass to grow strong? We often think that we are holding the family together, the event together, the management of an office together. That with out us everything would fall apart. So I ask you, how is it all holding you together? How is showing up in this way, taking care of everything, giving you a purpose, feeding and creating space for you? Is is holding you together? Now I ask, what if you let it all fall apart, including yourself - when then can be recreated? Holding in any capacity can only last so long. We are ever growing, expanding. We are made up of energy and energy moves. When we learn this gift of appreciating the present, letting it move, pass, change and become again. We have centered ourselves in a lasting happiness.