Peppermint - The Hollow Bone/Clear Channel/Celestial Awakenings



As I drum my drum, the beats carry me away to meet Peppermint.


As I walk through the doorways to the Spirit world, I let go of my logic and my left brain. I release all the qualities that I have known Peppermint for; it’s common uses and its popularity. I ask, “What can you tell me today Peppermint?”. "How can you help us with our Spiritual work in this new paradigm?"  


Peppermint has a divine masculine energy to me; like that of an Arch Angel, but it also shows me an emerging neutrality I had not know before. It has a quiet and genteel way about it, in comparison to it's piercing aroma. It is like the cooling breathe of a giant Ice Dragon, and I feel it blowing away my attachments, my identities, and my Ego.


Peppermint lays a hand on the Ego's shoulder, soothing it and giving it a rest. “Sit back, relax. You do not need to be constantly on the look out.” says Peppermint. As Gabby Bernstein as coined, "The Universe has your back."


This Dragon whispers about the magic of Peppermint, and how it can help us become a Clear Channel, Hollow Bone, for Divine Wisdom.


As I awake in the Spirit world, I look down at my hands and they feel cool and tingly. There is a bright stream of light energy, blue and white, coming out of them. Peppermint whispers over my shoulder now, “This is so that you may feel your way in the world.”  It is telling me to rely on my other senses. To see with the eyes in my hands. To see with my 3rd eye open. It is expanding my awareness of what is around me, deciphering information through my feeling body, activating my clairsentient gifts. Peppermint wants me to reassure you that you too have these gifts, we all do.


In a world where we rely so heavily on our eyes, our ears and our points of view, Peppermint fills our lungs as it frees up our perspective and clears out the distractions that cloud our awareness. 


Peppermint reminds us that we can move in the world in subtler ways, by feeling and listening to those feelings. If we anchor in neutrality, Peppermint can teach us the difference between force and flow. Ego and the True Self. Water is a perfect example of this because it is naturally neutral. It does not force it’s way through the world; it moves and flows to its destination. It dissolves all obstacles, maneuvers through all blockades, as well as accepting natures agenda and redireciton. 



As I ride on the back of this Dragon, deeper into this journey to Peppermint, I look up to a vast sky of Twilight blue. I see the deep fades of blue from brilliant, to royal, to dark navy, to black. It's the moment of Dusk; a small moment of time before night. The stars are coming out, to twinkle in the sky.


Peppermint offers itself to you as a guiding North Star, shining brightly so you can more easily find your way. It is guiding you to the wisdom in the stars. This oil points us in the right direction, and leads us to the answers we seek by connecting us to our loving Angels, Guides, Allies and True Self.


Let go of distraction because under the details of “this” and the “that”, there is always a sliver lining and a gift, that is found in the middle of the storm, the chaos, the problem. Peppermint supports you in letting go of the stipulations, the details, the specifics, and the right and wrong of any situation. These are all points of reference from the Ego. Peppermint asks the Ego to step down.


What might be arising, in you, to be healed? This is where the Gem, the Gift, lies. And it is most important to notice.


My friend and I were talking, and she was telling me all the details of how she needed more time, more flexibility, more understanding, and to be pardoned by another person. This story she was telling was not what was most important, and was not what was arising to be healed. The true Gem of her story was Self Love! The treasure here was not the Validation she was seeking from another, but the Validation of herself. The Love that only she can give.


"(For) when we fall in love with ourselves, no one else's love for us matters." - Rose Ingraham


This is just one of the healing properties of Peppermint.


When we are unattached and more neutral, we become more open and we soften and surrender to that which is ready to be remedied. We become open and accepting to new possibilities. We open wider, ready to receive in a bigger way. We clear away the blank canvas to paint the picture of joy we want to be in. Unlocking the ways we hold ourselves hostage.


Peppermint tells me that it also has the ability to connect us into the Astrological consolations by supporting our efforts in the translations of the Stars, Astrology. By deciphering the wisdom of the Stars, and using their guidance to understand the unseen influences of these celestial beings on our every day life; You can place a drop of Peppermint on your forehead, lie back, look up and get lost in the heavenly pictorials of the starry sky. Soak in the star light, the geometry of the zodiac. There is love that beams down from the heavens. Allow it to penetrate deep into your mind and body - let it invigorate, and awaken star seeds still sleeping.


Use Peppermint before an Astrological reading. Become the Clear Channel, the Hollow Bone of the Star Nation.




Peppermint brings ease into what is happening now. Chaos could be storming all around you and you will be able to stay clear, still, and unharmed. It allows you to be flexible like the weed in the wind; bending AND staying centered in your truth by not allowing others to bend you to their will.


Peppermint also invites us into a state of contentment; being content with what we have and who we are. We are taught to want, to strive and to super size. There is a sweetness and peace in moments of containment; bringing gratitude to a deeper place in our hearts and souls. 


Use this oil before card readings, mentor calls or healing sessions for practitioners. 




This is a body of work in process, for a larger book.

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