Lemon May 2018


Before I share Lemon’s message, I am reminded of a workshop I did at least 3 years ago. It was a doTERRA event to learn about the company, but really it was to learn about ourselves. The business of sharing the oils with others is a path of discovering your greatness, gifts, passions and to continue to improve along the way. 

During a 6 hour workshop, a woman, and wellness professional named Mica Carew, was introduced to us. She spoke to us about how her and her grandmother spoke to plants - this was one of the first times I heard someone say this. I was not alone.

You can find Mica's book here : https://amzn.to/2IAJely

On this day in the workshop, a seed was planted - a seed that is now blossoming into this rich, beautiful blog from paper. Of course at that time, I did not have a clue that a seed was being planted in my mind - that I would be sharing the messages of the plants. I am grateful for those who have started to build the bridge between nature and city, as I continue this work.

Mica had us meditate on the essential oil Lemon. We became peaceful enough to hear what message Lemon had for us. I do not remember what message Lemon had for me then, but what I do remember is this connection to the plants deepening in a different way. This awareness that I could do more than feel the plants and intuitively work with the plants. A communication was starting to build ever so quietly in me.

As I sit here now, asking Lemon for its message, I also ask for us to recognize the nurturing, powerful energies of the plant kingdom. I am here to remind you, that on so many levels, we are not alone on this journey. There are tools and specifically these bottles of life force energy called essential oils are one of them.



My drumming is taking me away to Lemon and all around me I see the color yellow.

As the yellow fades to vision, there are men in a boat emerging out of this yellow fog. It's a sleek boat, with tribal painting on the side. It glides through the water with precision and grace. They are paddling up the a river, against the current. The mighty Nile river. Their skin is dark chocolate, and youthful. Their eyes are on the water. There muscles flexing, their bodies are moving as one. They row in silence as if they are striving to listen to the heart and breath of one another.

They are fast. They work together, faster than any one of them could be alone. They move with smooth strokes, ease and strength. They have commitment, partnership, trust, and intimacy.

They have lost the need to be “ME” in reward of the masterful “WE”. They accept their individual skills as well as their individual weaknesses. They fit all their pieces together into one glorious whole; working with the subtle movements of each other to communicate, and feel into the wholeness of reaching their goals and accomplishing the task.


Lemon will help us with the same type of collaboration. Whether it is our inner wholeness we are seeking or an outer wholeness, like building a team or strengthening a partnership, Lemon engages our parts and helps synchronize them. With lemon, no one part is questioning how to get to the goal because all parts are committed to the journey and are fueled my knowing and belief. Reaching the goal is inevitable because their united skill and commitment gets them to the finish line seamlessly. Lemon ignites our determination from the inside out. It brings in a pure energy, fuel, and a life-force to any project. Lemon is motivating.

It also helps clears the path before us, using the intention of our goal. What do I mean by this?

When our intention is clear, focused, and potent, it practically carries us to the goal. Energetically we are clearing the way and aligning the road ahead to us. The more practiced we become at creating our intentions, the more swift we reach our targets.

Allow Lemon to clear all distractions. Enter into the space of “nothing else matters” but the goal, the finish line.


Use this essential oil :

  • When you are creating intentions, rub a drop on your temples.

  •  Creating and writing goals, have a glass of water with Lemon in it.

  • Working on a projects, start with a prayer and ask the Spirit of Lemon to help you.

  • At team meetings, diffuse Lemon to clear away distractions and keep focus.  

  • Clear your space before you get to work. Have a mister of Lemon and Sweet Fennel, for extra belief in your actions.

  •  Needing a lift and reset after a long day or conversation, drop Lemon and Ylang Ylang into your palms and inhale. 


You feel capable, engaged, at ease, and have inner peace and knowing. You are undistractable and have keen focus. Lemon gives us that ease of knowing that all boxes are checked. You are equipped, and ready to move. Lemon inspires a Faith beyond explanation, and can fill you with expansive feelings of endless opportunity to manifest what you focus on and take inspired action towards.

So I ask “where do you want to go?”





This is a body of work in process for a larger book.

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Amber Jane Arquette