This is the question ... how can you be in sales and have a soul? How can you run a healing business and make great money? How can you be Spiritual, plus a Millionaire? 

We have BELIEFS that have been adopted and put into the rule book of our minds. Our Ego's do everything to keep us safe, along with the "RULE BOOK" we created. 

When we figure out how to change these rules, we figure out how to change our beliefs, and this DIRECTLY effects our actions. Freedom, Inspired Service, and Abundance are right outside the rule book ... otherwise known as the comfort zone!


Have you had the thought "shouldn't making money be fun?" "Why are there all these people hating their jobs?" Being CURIOUS is a great start to stepping out of that line. Don't order the punch!

As yourself this Question: What would it take to have a job and life I love? What would it take for  ________ (fill in the blank). This, and questions like this, have led me to powerful answers.

These questions and I more I asked myself: "How could I weave all my passions together?" "What is the thread connecting my offerings, skills and wisdom together?" "What would it take for me to feel Aligned and Confident?" These answers do not happen overnight or without action! 

I remember last year I felt lost and challenged in my 'business'. I had a beautiful new office, and all the things I needed to kick butt and reach my goals. However, I sat at my desk and tried to do anything but the things that really made money. I felt in-authentic. I didn't feel like I had anything to offer ... AND I was hiding behind doTERRA and the essential oils. I FELT  they had the value, and I lacked value. It was grueling to feel like I was treading water and had less than 2 feet in the boat.

It is no wonder all my actions were not creating monetary stability, let alone ABUNDANCE. Looking back I was so dis-aligned in what I was doing. I was trying so hard to follow the rules and be "normal". Well folks, I am far from normal - I am DIFFERENT! And when you realize you are different, you must go your own way ... and there is nothing wrong with that!


How are you DIFFERENT? What is your special spice, secret sauce, super power? WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP?

Can I share what helped me, and what little changes I made to have BIG change happen? I decided at the beginning of 2017 I was going to start investing in COACHING; coaching that focused on my weaknesses and made me feel Aligned and Inspired. I chose people I wanted to be the influenced by because we are the Sum of the 5 people we hang out with, and choose to listen to as well. 

I started taking INSPIRED ACTION as well, asking to be pointed towards more alignment with what made my Heart Sing. 

I came to the realization that at the core of everything was HEALING. I was a healer; I care more about healing almost more than anything else on the planet. Plus I was DETERMINED to combine the essential oils and my emerging healing practice. 

BUT MOST OF ALL, I surrounded myself with people who believed in me when I lacked self belief. They helped me step out of self sabotage and lifted me up and out of the pit of dispair. 

It's been 18 months! And my life has never worked better.



I am an Energetic Healer, using Shamanic Practices, Essential Oils and Reiki. I am a Mom and committed

to helping other women, and Moms, create additional income, amplify their message and empowering their sessions with their clients. 


Connect with me to learn how to combine and empower your business by promoting powerful wellness products in your practice or with your clients. Email me to receive more information on how we can work together.


Amber Jane Arquette

No Ordinary Oiler!