This plant has been more challenging to write about. It is diverse and vast. It is all knowing, and in its message, Clary Sage morphs from the Mother Figure to an image of a limitless Library. The connective thread is that of gathering information and access to wisdom.



As I open my minds eye, and ask what she would like to teach us, the room fills with her and her bright pinkish, purple light. It is like the light of a sunrise or sunset ... sweet, joy-filled, warm and eager.  I am full of curiosity and I ask her: what gifts does she bring? She is eager to answer just like the beginning of an adventure, or treasure hunt for information that can help us on our life paths. 

Clary Sage brings the gift of sight and vision, and her secret and skills lie in her ability to help translate that of the Spirit World into the Language of the Modern World. Without this translation, the abstract stays untapped, left in the unknown or in a state of confusion. Simply said, Clary Sage can help your right brain communicate with your left brain. 

Spirit messages often come from the Land of Metaphors. It is up to us to practice the art of translating sound, sight, vibration, image and emotion. We have to teach ourselves to let go of logic and look for the loving guidance embedded in that message's fabric. Clary Sage is here to help us translate this information more easily and more clearly so that we can utilize the metaphors and create a healing story for one another. (this will be linked to another blog post: The Healing Story)





When we diffuse Clary Sage during meditation, she can give us the sight of a few steps ahead. It is like tapping into the energy lines, or the trajectory of where one is headed. Clary Sage opens up our "higher" sight, like that of an Eagle, to see the direction that our energy is moving in. Is it due North? Or have our sales blown us off course? 

Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. When we focus, we are pulling things or experiences towards us. Imagine yourself on stage, Law of Attraction is setting up the next scene just off stage, in the wings. This "sight" that Clary Sage supports can allow us to see more clearly on what is waiting in the wings, waiting to manifest, and/or what is coming up next. With this insight, we can course correct by changing our focus.

How does Clary Sage do it? This beautiful purple flowering herb may look demure, though under the costume is a powerful activator; a powerful plant medicine. Clary Sage activates our 6th Chakra; our 3rd eye, also known as our intuitive eye. Clary Sage aids us in seeing as far as the horizon stretches, seeing through the storm clouds, seeing more clearly where our ship is headed, and far beyond.


Clary Sage invokes the Divine Mother. I am reminded of those statues of the Mother with her baby at her breast, soothing her baby with her Mother's touch. This brings feelings of calm to the babe's cry, bringing peace to the deepest parts of her little body. Tenderly, yet powerfully, bringing us into balance and harmony once again. Clary Sage is the Female support oil for our physical body. For example: helping our bodies with hormonal balance, soothing raw nerves, tension, pain and emotional distress. Like the wise Midwife with all her knowledge, tinctures and remedies, she can bring us out of discomfort and back into the joyful expression of our bodies. We can be nurtured and cared for with this oil. I mention all this because she tells me she can help us in the same ways on a Soul level. This means allowing us time for the caring, the soothing and the reviving we need before look out into the world again ... leaving her lap, and moving in a forward motion.



Place a few drops of Clary Sage on the stone Amethyst, and as you sit with the stone and the oil, use the vibration in your meditation.

Place a few drops of Clary Sage on the stone Amethyst, and as you sit with the stone and the oil, use the vibration in your meditation.


Clary Sage is a truth seeker, and she can help you see the truth people are standing in. If they are wearing a mask, Clary Sage will help you see past the masks or the situations people can hide behind. It also allows you to see true intentions. Clary Sage does this by connecting you into your higher knowing, your intuitive feelings, and lifting your vibrations to match with the realms of pure sight, pure truth.

Is this person truthful? Is this really what it seems? Use a drop of Clary Sage on your forehead before you enter into business agreements or deciding on entering into a new relationship or experience. 

With this clarity you can clearly see if the trajectory is in line with your highest good, unfolding in the most graceful way.  When we tap into our natural gifts of intuition, rise into our vibration, and listen to our gut knowing, we can make new choices and find a more divine match and positive experience. 

How and Why are these plants so supportive? My guides say they see that we have been living our lives with so much disease, pain, sadness and travesty. They are encouraging us and inviting us to make choices that lead to a more positive outcome. 


Clary Sage will encourage you to follow what lights you up! 



Living Ritual Daily: Walk in the world with more clarity and tap into your intuitive knowing. Rub 1-2 drops of Clary Sage on the bottom of each foot every morning. Combine with 1 drop of Patchouli to stay pointed to your North Star, and on purpose.

Option 1: Clary Sage and Wild Orange when making business or financial decisions. 

Option 2: Clary Sage and Lime to get unstuck in the decision process.

Option 3: Clary Sage and Geranium on dates!


As I am thinking that Clary Sage has told us all about herself, she then has me gaze up to the Stars and starts talking about her connection to this vast and endless Library of the Akashic records. She suggests for us to use her to connect to the wisdom and the history kept there. Clary Sage gives us the keys to the doors of these Libraries and invites us in. By opening up our crown chakras, this will allow the knowledge to sink in. 

As a shamanic tool, Clary Sage can amplify the ability to work in or retrieve information in all time lines and dimensions! Diffuse or anoint in healing sessions. 

We can also use Clary Sage for body traveling, also known as Astral Traveling. Clary Sage can help with navigation and safety with this practice. Again, another aspect of retrieving information. 



The gifts of Clary Sage: 

- Seeing the possibility, or new possibility.

- Seeing the possibility or capability of others, and helping them in gaining insight.

- Seeing the trajectory of our actions. 

- Seeing and hearing the truth behind someone's actions or words.

- Creating clear intention.

Clary Sage can be your own personal lie detector!



We often think we have to go to a physic because they have more gifts than we do; and they can be helpful at times. Clary Sage is offering an activation of sorts, and encouraging you to have faith in your own abilities to hear the wisdom of the Universe!





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