When taking a spiritual journeying to the trees, it is different every time. What is the same, is that it is always profound with deep messages and such big energy that I tend to cry every time after the visit. Cry because I am so touched by their wisdom. Cry because they know so much more than I ever could.  I'm starting to think that my tears make room for their magnificent energy; as I walk away feeling their wise words expanding in my lungs, heart, mind and expanding my capacity to understand.  


My family and I ventured down to the Sierra's, in California, for a wedding. While we were there, my husband surprised our daughter and me with a walking tour through the "Big Trees Park". These are the biggest trees on the planet, and as my daughter pointed out, "the biggest trees in the Universe." We just laughed and nodded our heads. Yes, as we know it, they are the biggest trees in the Universe. Annelise picked up a pine cone as big as a small baby doll and rocked it in her arms.




The tress have many messages for me today. As I sit at the base of a cosmically large Sierra Redwood, I hear and feel my benevolent native ancestors come close. Or perhaps they are the natives of this land greeting me as I enter this journey. They are singing and drumming along with my recorded drumming I having on my iphone (modern Shaman tip!). I feel this magnificent tree being and I am reminded to introduced myself, as I see the wrinkled face of a medicine man, jester with his hand... his eyes tell me to approach with respect. I do so.


My first question is simple - in my young curiosity, I want to know if the trees speak from one voice (one consciousness) or if they have different "personalities", "wisdom" and "messages". The trees that I'm visiting tell me "yes", "no", and "yes, but not the way you think". What I understood by that is that "yes", they have a connection to a collective knowing of things, but they too have their own spirit and life, message and personality - No one is the same, and yet they are part of a whole. Kind of like us, we are all apart of the Human race. I would ask more about Yes and No, however, my daughter and husband are waiting on the trail as I gave myself only 15 minutes. 


I then ask what they think about all these people visiting the park, and how we interact as quick little beings and ancient trees? My tall giant shares with me a picture and a feeling of delight, amazement, joy and almost laughter. I also get to view her as a big mama with a long skirt and a big smile ... she is looking down at these delightful little people who have come to visit her, and marvel at her while tickling her toes. She wiggles her toes and giggles. It is happening so fast for these trees. 

Trees are so old and slow, and time moves differently for them. The message that comes through is that the trees and humans are just coming into contact. I am reminded that these trees have stood alone without us for 1000 or more years. They have heard us from far away, making new noises in the forest as it is carried on the wind, panning for gold and hammering into the ground. 

I am told we have not yet begun our "relationship" with the trees, as we move so fast and we see our history as long. In the history of the trees, we have only just begun to introduce ourselves, as we get to know one other and come into contact as well. This may seem silly or untrue for we have used many trees for our houses, our paper and more. We have been in relationship with the trees! There are even many of us who slow down, just a bit, to say hello, give hugs, respect or sit beneath a tree in meditation. But these ancient ones have not yet exhaled, a hello to us. 





My teacher has told me that not all beings and spirits have the freedom we do. They are in service to this Earth or to us. Fairies, for example, are charged with the duty to take care of the Earth. Angels are on assignment to protect and help humans. This tree, in this session, reveals that their task is to be in service to our learning of Reciprocity, being in relationship with the natural world, its resources, and understanding our power and our will. 

This reminds me of a comment that a woman in my spiritual community mentioned when she journeyed to a tree. The tree told her that as beings who create, we tend to put our Will on the outside world, including trees. "Just FYI." She said, we tend to throw around our Will like an immature King not used to his new power, or someone who has not yet found his purpose.






Next, I ask for this tree to surprise me with something I would not have any knowledge of! Something new for me to know about them. I feel so excited just typing this to you!


This tree is so big when I look up at it. Earlier, my husband and I notice that it seems the atmosphere at the top of the tree is so different from the lower half of the tree. It appears like there is another jungly world up in the clouds, so distant from its roots. It feels like there could be another weather pattern up there, too. 


As I am in "conversation" with this tree, I am told of energy portals that trees can create, and I am taken into the heart of the tree and blasted up the trunk into Outer Space. As I am floating amongst the stars, I hear Sequoiadendron giganteum tell me that there is a way to travel across time and enter other time dimensions ... that there is a way we can learn to activate these portals and time travel. (What! Exciting!)

I see an energetic bubble around an old growth tree, and when we walk through it, I am in another place. We can do things like live longer in these bubbles, or freeze time, or open portals to venture through time and space. 

There are not many of us on the planet that know this way with the trees, but at the Light Song Practicum, I did experience it, for a moment. It was when the community was singing in procession through the forest. We were to accompanying the Questers to their Hochakos for their Vision Quest. As we traveled through the trees, I felt myself march through a vail of new and different energy. Then I heard it, the time change, the people at the front of the line singing one part of the song and the other singers on the other side of the vial of energy where a beat or two behind us! They were singing a different part of the song. At one Hochaco, the signers broke up the song at least 3 times. Its a chant, so it is easy to keep with the group choir. It wasn't until we were all physically on the same side of the vail that we could sync up again. That was a cool example.



The last and profound message was the one that brought me to tears. 


This was a personal message for me. I have been doing so much Shadow and Ego work for the past 2 years. Working on getting out of my own way. This Ancient Sierra looked down at me and whispered in my ear. It was so neutral - not loving nor scolding. It said that no one is more special, more good, or better than ... nor do they get special points, gold stars or an extra pass for being more awake, connected in, "Spiritual", or even more respectful to nature. "It" is not about the individual. It is about the whole. We rise together. This New World, this Ascension, this evolution, this progression, to a brighter and better future is the opposite of climbing the latter or stepping on heads to get "there" first.




We will rise together or not at all.

It happens bit by bit, until the whole is ready to arrive together. None of us walk through the "golden arches" by ourselves. 


I will definitely spend more time asking more questions - especially about this last one. My Ego has been attached many times to being better then others. My Ego has been in a hurry to arrive, be enlightened, be a Master. I continue to wonder: What would it take to rise as one? How do we help create the future together? How does our individual work influence the whole? Do we/I keep focusing and bringing in the New World energy? (Of course, YES!) But how do we really effect each other? Who makes a difference to whom? What about those people who look like they are resisting, or not interested in evolving or uniting; are they progressing too? ...


I open my eyes, my mind full. I see the ants crawling all around, thankfully not biting me. I look up to the physical form of this tall, tall Redwood/Sequoia. I say thank you!


As we walk toward the exit, I recite the messages to my husband. He finally turns to me and says... 

"I should take you to the Coastal Redwoods next!"