This oil is about Personal Power!


This oil blend works on so many levels; from Body, Mind, and Spirit to Soul. It is wonderful for so many aspects of our daily lives and personal challenges. 



Digestzen can be used to reveal our purpose in life by literally "digesting" and "dissolving" away at all we have “swallowed” from the outside world. If you are feeling lost, use this oil in meditation, or diffuse during journaling sessions and see what comes out when writing down what comes to mind. Please do not edit; just let your heart flow out onto the paper. Combine Digestzen with other oils such as Frankincense, Rose, Melissa, or Sandalwood (not for aroma). Place the oil on the bottoms of your feet, diluted with a carrier oil, day and night. Put out your intentions, your wishes and prayers to have your path and purpose gracefully unveiled to you. 


Digestzen helps us to tap into our "Courage of Self" when situations call for it. It is helpful in times when we are needing to walk our own path and our truth looks different from other’s truth. Or perhaps when the world is not agreeing with us, but we are hearing the wise voice inside telling us to take the Leap Of Faith. Courage and Anger are the energies that can make great changes, including taking actions to a new horizon ... possibly one we have not seen yet! How exciting! 




Digestzen is very healing. It helps to heal those parts of us that get used unconsciously all the time, ie healing the gut, and our information centers. What I mean by this is that on a physical level Digestzen supports healthy digestion of food. If we use this same idea with the other ways we take in information, for instance, feeling the mood or energy of the room we are in ... Digestzen can help our empathic abilities to “clean up” and help heal these burdened and high demand systems. For example, have you quieted your inner voice? Ignored your intuition? Are you working on listening again and repairing the relationship you have with your abilities? You can use this blend to clear out old beliefs that others know better for you, or old beliefs that your inner voice is not important. 


As I said, this oil helps with so much; including the elimination of what does not serve you. This can be a habit (like ignoring your intuitive hunch or staying up until 1am). It does this by breaking down the resistance to change. 


Follow the process of unrevealing. I love the quote from Maru Iabichela - “When life gets bumpy and chaotic, it’s most likely that the train is changing tracks… NOT derailing.” We often think that mistakes, mess-ups, breakdowns and detours are throwing us off our path, however, what if this chaos was the Universe’ way of getting us into a situation where we get to pick up new skills, strengths, experiences, AND possibly new tools for the “path” ahead? A pit stop so to say? What if, how we respond is what's derailing us...?


There are thunder clouds in the distance coming your way to wash away that resistance, leaving you fresh and living in your center, your purpose ... Less force, more flow. 


Digestzen is another group of plants that remind us that we are Star Seeds. I believe that if you are reading this book, then you have come here to make a difference! You have medicine for the people of the Earth itself. You are a Star Seed incarnating, most likely not for the first time, but at this time, because its time to make BIG change. What an exciting time! Thank you for saying yes!  Thank you for saying yes every day, and for finding your own medicine so that you can share yours with the world.


Digestzen will help you find your medicine if you are on that part of your journey. What helps you gather all the parts of yourself, center and feel empowered? What is a drink of cool water for your Soul? What supports you staying in a high vibe and returning to that as much as possible? What grows your capacity?


(ha, ha, I am typing this right now in the car. My husband, my daughter and I are headed back north from Sacramento. We just drove by a truck full of tomatoes. My husband pointed it out for my daughter. I also looked to my right as we passed. The truck full of tomatoes was called Morning Star farms. I love the messages from Spirit … they abound everywhere!)


The beauty of this journey takes me to Scotland. I have never been there in person, but that it is what comes to my mind when I see the vibrant green, open pastures. The sky is a cloudy grey, I feel a fresh cold wind, and the elements of air, rock, water and the nutrient earth. It gives me a feeling of nurturing + health and purity. The rain falls down on me and purifies my body, relieving all the heaviness. I feel lighter and calm. I feel unburdened, and have a trust and acceptance to what is right now. This is the beauty of it all. It would not be as epic without the contrast. I see a few sheep, black and white, fluffy, wet wool, eating on the pasture. Without its harsh elements, all of these sheep would not have the sweetest grass in all the land. The gift of our hardships often is getting to the sweetest parts of life. 



The sheep have a deep acceptance of the natural process of life, just like the wool growing on their back. We are so much in a 'hurried" state, but Digestzen will help you enjoy the process of unraveling more, of washing away resistance, of persevering through the elements, and being patient while waiting for divine planning and timing. Digestzen will help you accept what is. Slow yourself down and appreciate each day a bit more deeply instead of speeding through the next. 



This is a body of work in process for a larger book.

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Amber Jane Arquette