Yep, I must admit, I've been talking to the plants. They are calling to us, and want to work with us.


Last night I got brave! I took a moment on stage at our monthly Essentail Wellness class. I shared about an essential oil blend. A powerful blend that doTERRA calls their Topical blend. That name does not do it justice, keep reading.


This blend of plant extracts can be used to remove, dissolve and unstick old belief patterns, stories and limited perspectives that are housed in our Chakra bodies.


Did you know that energetically our Chakra systems hold our beliefs? Our belief of what is possible and what isn't. Then the Chakra broad cast these thoughts out to the world. And we all know what happens next, right? #Manifestation happens!


It is part of our manifesting abilities. As if you were speaking with a mega phone on a stage, out to the world about how lovable, deserving, worthy you think you are. Or how hard things are, or how unfair life is. What is too much or too little. That these people are always this way or life is always ______. Money is scary, or scarce - transform this belief to an abundant and joyful one. Change your thoughts about how deserving you are!



Use the Topical Blend (HD Clear) to do just this! Rub on your Chakras and allow the essential oils to penetrate deep into your cellular structure.


Take this Topical Blend and pair it with an additional oil that holds the element that you want more of in your life.


Crown - Melissa or Frankincense

Heart - Geranium or Rose

Root - Patchouli or Myrrh


For example:

Use Geranium or Rose + Topical Blend for opening your heart, feeling deserving, lovable and safe to love again.


Wild Orange + Topical Blend for integrating a more abundant mindset.


Fennel essential oil + Topical Blend to inspire and broadcast belief in self and the unraveling of self doubt.


Combine Topical Blend and Ginger and say out loud "I am a powerful force, I bring a powerful gift to the world." Feel empowered.



Here is how to make your own Chakra Blend!


In a 10ml bottle blend

6 drops of Topical Blend

4 drops of your other oil

fill with carrier oil (FCO)


Apply to that corresponding Chakra for 7 to 28 days.


Use Mantras. Sing or apply before mirror work. Add in your own inspiring affirmations or ritual to amplify the process.


This time on the planet is a time of unraveling and transforming that which has disempowered you. What #truth are you ready to reveal to yourself so that you can expand the vision of what is possible? What are you ready to believe in? What has been cycling through your mind and out into your life that you are ready to transform in this potent way?


You do not have to know exactly how to word what it is you want change for. You can simply say "I am willing and open to more _______ in my life. In the most graceful way for all involved."


I am excited for you, and for me!


May you be blessed with joyful surprises. May you be blessed with new beliefs that rewrite the story you are living. May you gracefully shed old skins so that you can shine brighter.




***If you would like me to use my alchemy to create a special and magical blend for you, person message me. It comes with beautiful stickers for specific Chakra. This blend combination will empower you, and will be infused with a quartz crystal to amplify your message. ($30)