Capricorn's energy inspires you to see if the outside life you have created is matching up with the values and integrity that you hold inside you heart. Capricorn is asking you to commit only to that which is truly worthy of your energy and time. People pleasing was so last year... last century!  This Sea Goat reminds you that you only have so much energy, so much time - so it advises you to use your efforts and energy with awareness. 

Capricorn asks you to clear the distractions this month, to slow for a moment so that you can first know your authentic self and then create a plan of action. Often people can feel pressure to make a New Year resolution or intention with in the first day or two. This New Moon is bringing in that quiet spaciousness. Do not feel rushed, this is a beautiful time of visioning.

If you needed permission, I am giving it to you. This is the moment to invest time in you, to get close and cozy with the most authentic version of you so that you can create a life that reflects your true values. Trust and know that the answers and picture will come in time. If you are the one that already knows and has clarity, Great!, move on the the mapping and listing of what actions light you up.

Like the snake sometimes you will have to wiggle around a bit, bump up against things to peal the layers away. Possibly burrowing into the dark to have the Earth assist you in shedding that old skin.

Living Ritual Daily : Create a 10ml roller and apply daily to your lower abdomen; Root and Solar Chakras.

Living Ritual Daily : Create a 10ml roller and apply daily to your lower abdomen; Root and Solar Chakras.

Capricorn, the New Moon and the New Year asks you to align with your highest integrity to see through the “shoulds’” to your deepest desires and align your goals to your inner compass.

This is a time to go within, allow yourself some alone time, in that dreaming space. Let your mind take over and allow it to start imagining. Capricorn wants you to learn; What makes you, YOU?

Capricorn lends you the attributes of : perseverance, stamina, sharp focus, resourcefulness, reliability, commitment, and independent.

This is an end to a 7 year cycle. Hallelujah! The New Year is full of positive, light, fun and conversational energy. Good times, light hearted, friends and talkative version of self.

Ritual on the New Moon January 5th 2019 :

Find a quiet practice that helps you align and center yourself. Bring out your sacred or beautiful items. Do you have crystals, flowers, a good soup or tea, a cozy blanket, a fire? These are the things that tell your body you are entering in ritual.

During this visioning time these journal prompts may help. Capricorn asks you to be as honest as you can.

  • What are your core values?

  • Can you identify the distractions and alluring opportunities from the commitments, resolutions, projects, goals and intentions that will align with your core values and mission?

  • If you are not sure of your core values, your mission, which gifts or contributions to offer the world - Ask yourself - What would it take bring them info focus? To reveal them?

  • You can also start with the question; What does a resounding YES feeling like in your body - What does a “I could do it, but don’t really want to” feeling like?

  • When have you done well protecting your energy and honoring your boundaries?

  • Where do you need to apply these clear boundaries in other areas of your life that are unclear?

  • What are your top 3 intentions for the New Year? What would it take to bring them to fruition?

  • What lights you up?

Can you create a picture of this renewed you or renewed life?

Spend some time, when you feel filled with energy (this is usually my 3rd week of my menses cycle) Start creating a map, a plan of action, or a picture, vision board of what ever helps you drop in and clearly connect with your 2019 dreams and goals.

I also ask you what containers support you? By containers I mean schedules and calendars, blocked time, self care and nurturing? Is it people who care about your dreams or cheerlead you on? Is it a morning practice or a physical practice. Invest in these at this time.

You do not need to worry about the HOW - Plant the seed of the end game, the feeling of having __________ (fill in the blank) and the person it takes to be in that future place. 

If you are having a hard time knowing what you do want sometimes focusing on what you don’t want or where you do not want to focus your energy can bring you to clarity and knowing.

Capricorn Wisdom : Commit to practicing the Practice for the change and sift you seek to begin.

Often people get stuck in the attachment to perfection or the gold stars of consistence. This judgment triggers the belief that you are not enough, not lovable or good in some way. Let that all go, do not allow it to fueled the bars of illusion. Keep showing up in the ways you would like, in the ways that are reflective of your integrity.

Now create an intention, a word, a mantra or an affirmation to call in for this New Moon.

Blend up these powerful oils to enhance and amplify your Ritual and the seed you are planting. Use this daily to remind yourself what you are manifesting!

Oil blends and meaning :

4 drops Balance/Grounding blend : Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, Osmanthus Flower. This combination nourishes your center, giving you that inner reflection. It connects you into your soul purpose and builds the fuel you will need for momentum and aligned action.

2 drops Rosemary is the oil of Your Authentic Self.

2 drops Clary Sage is the oil of visioning, clear vision and connection to your 3rd eye.

2 drops Melaleuca helps us keep our energy bodies clear and set clear boundaries. The oil of energetic boundaries, in this case.

3 drops Bergamot will help you believe in your mission and say no when needed. Allowing you to have the inner strength to be honest and protect your energies from obligations.

I hope you have enjoyed this New Moon blend and information.

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