This is a perfect Moon for me and the women in my 8 week Own Your Worth program. The energy of healing is pouring in with this Full Moon. We have been diving deep and drudging up new awarenesses around feeling enough, feeling lovable and owning our worth. These ladies are so courageous because it can get very uncomfortable to do this inner work. You can feel you are taking 5 steps backwards because it hurts, its confusing, you notice you’ve been acting like that for years! and its our culture to hide it.

We are over 1/2 way with this 8 weeks and I am appreciating my own growth and learnings. When you create sacred and safe space for 15 other women to do this work you bet you are going to do your own… and I will share more on that in another blog.

Lets chat more about the Moon and why tapping into it’s cycles is so important.

First it is important to me because it helps me feel more sane. I am either feeling the energies of the Moon and its invisible power or I am relating to the ebbs and flows in my energy, my emotional landscape, my passion and my clarity.

Do you ever wonder why was yesterday so different than today!?

Watching the Moon swell and shrink reminds me that everything changes. And that we are not supposed to stay the same, nor are the circumstances. When things get bad there is always an opening for them to get better. When I get mad there is always an opening for it to subside.

Paying attention to the cycles of life connects you back into the realness of living. It taps you on the head and asks you to jump into your heart. And when you are in your heart you are closer to hearing the true desires of you soul and in direct connect with your intuition that nudges you in the direction to manifest them.

The world is changing we are more in our heads than ever. I encourage you and hope to inspire you to take moments to watch the wind blow the clouds around, notice where the rain pools, look up at the stars from time to time and pay attention to what that Moon is doing. Allow these moments to bring you back to center, to calm your nerves and settle your spinning thoughts.

Imagination is the language of Spirit. Allow it to speak with you!

Full Moon Protocol :

Melaleuca or Clove essential oil (diluted) on the bottoms of your feet am and pm.

Protective Blend essential oil (diluted) on your Sacral and Solar Plex Chakras (above and bellow the navel).

Melissa, Jasmine or Sandalwood essential oil over your heart and forehead, inhale.

Diffuse Jasmine and Sandalwood.