I have been studying, playing with, and exercising new dynamics of manifesting. One of the physical things that I have been, journaling about, feeling what it is like to be in a New Car/Truck.

So when an auto body shop literally broke my husband's truck I thought... What amazing gift is the universe lining up to give us?

Here comes this beautiful truck!

This truck won't be ours to keep. But oh boy has this started a ripple effect in our thoughts and desires.

(What he is getting out of the deal, is a new engine for his old truck. Adding value to the resale and we get to drive this fun one around for a week.)

1) My husband was not desiring a new truck. But now having experienced this truck and experiencing my enthusiasm as well as conversation around abundance has started to change his mind!

All sorts of things get triggered when we talk about abundance, having, money, manifesting :

How is it going to happen?
If I want it and desire it and it doesn't happen will I be heartbroken? Well it mean I am unworthy?
Am I deserving enough?
Will I have to work harder?
Will I have it too good? Will other people become jealous?

Limiting beliefs to show up, so they can reveal are blocks to manifesting this desire.

Obviously these are all limiting beliefs. You have got to reprogram these.

Grab a journal, cinnamon essential oil, or a passion blend (to tap into your desires) or Wintergreen (to reveal secrets). What are you afraid to desire?

2) Once you realize you desire something, feeling into the possibility is going to be primary!

I have been taking pictures of this truck. feeling the way it feels to be in the truck. my husband, my daughter and I have been sharing what we noticed being in the truck... Less road noise, cozy seats, fun side doors, etc. I have even been talking about it being our truck. "Look at our new beautiful awesome new truck." " Hello Justin Future track thank you for coming to visit us!"

It's a little bit like playing make believe.

As a family we have been literally playing the roles and we have been gifted a live theater to practice.

Here is where Citrus Bliss and Ylang Ylang are going to help you play and imagine.

3) Let's chat about the concept of "both, and". Common thought is that we have to pick one or the other. We have to pick a new car or a new truck. My question is how can you stay open to both? Why not both?

Both, And is all about being open to the possibility that I can have lots of money and lots of time to play too.

I can have a successful career and a great family life.

I can have a healthy happy fit body and still eat chocolate, popcorn and don't have to work out 5 days a week.

Both, And is the idea that we don't have to pick. It's moving from the old saying that we can't have our cake and eat it too. This is an old limiting idea.

Welcome to the world of having your cake AND eating it too!

And here comes the Domino of thoughts and beliefs that block you from your desires.

So grab some Wild Orange. And maybe combine it with Breathe blend or Peppermint. Inhale deeply a few times to open up to the possibility that you are co-creator of your reality. You are deserving and worthy, and that there is enough for everyone.

3) I am willing to believe... I'm willing to see... I am willing to entertain the idea... I am willing to listen... I am open to the possibility of... I am open to receiving... I am open to not knowing The How... I am open and willing to trust my heart and the universe a little more each day.

Focusing my mind on the possibility has been crucial. I believe and have noticed and have experienced that when I constantly give life the benefit of the doubt, reserve my reaction and keep a positive attitude as well as remind myself of what I am grateful of... This is what allows me to stay open and willing.

Willing to do the work on allow myself to have a receptive, worthy, deserving, abundance mindset.

Open to the possibility that even though the road leads to the east, when it's obvious I need to end up in the north, I can trust that Spirit has a better plan.

Mantras and oils - they work on you when you aren't even working!!

Whoever said you have to work hard to get... Needs a good talking-to. Shhush up! And stop spreading that nonsense.

I am so thankful for all of the amazing tools we have access to, and awareness of. They being :

🌟 On your off hours use -
Essential oils.
Stones, gems, and crystals.
Altars and vision boards.
Good friends and good audio books.

These things work on you, physical mental emotional and spiritual without you even having to consciously be aware.

🌟 Hours on, consciously working -
Your mind and your words.
Your response and your emotions.
Your breath.
Affirmations, written in the present tense.
Meditation and visualization.
Ritual, ceremony, counseling, coaching.

4) Allow the s*** to arise.

One myth is that if we stop being positive, stop raising our vibration, stop believing that it is possible, we reck the flow and permanently block our deepest desires.

The universe constantly expands. Our solar system, science has found keeps expanding. Therefore it makes sense that we continue forward motion.

Sometimes our deepest darkest, slimiest, sneakiest emotions, beliefs and wounds come up. And I believe the worst thing we can do is shove them down again and hopes that staying positive and focused on the goal will get us there faster.

In my experience wallowing in the muck, crying and throwing a temper tantrum like a baby, becoming hopeless and feeling my worst, deciding to totally give up and throw in the towel. These moments have been the exact journey, that Eastern turn, to reach those places in myself that need... love, healing, release, witnessing, to be heard, etc. And these disgusting, unattractive and painful moments uncover the treasure that is the perspective or turning point, the moment of surrender, that is exactly needed for me to manifest, put myself back into inspired action, and make things happen or as I've been saying above allow things to happen.

So let the yuck of the Yuckies come out to. Often The Shadow just wants to know it can be love too and eventually have a place where its skills can be used... (Another post on this). Or maybe it just needed to be heard and seen.

Cry the ugly cry, with your fists rise to the heavens so that when you crack open, you crack open to a new level of surrender and allowing.

Console can mend the heart, the grief.

the Trinity blend of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh can heal the darkest wounds.

Rose can connect us back into our vibrant heart, that can reveal our dreams.

What will you do with this information?

Is this new, a repeat and a reminding?

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it." The old King had said.

From The Alchemist