Wisdom : New Moon in Taurus

This New Moon is going to help you realize you are worthy of more than you thought.

Taurus is not asking your to work to be a better version of yourself, it is helping you see the power you already hold! And that you are worthy of all you desire deep in your heart.

Worthiness is a key component to the manifesting formula. You must be willing to expand your parameters on what you believe you are worthy of. Not logically, oh no, from the heart! How worthy do you feel? In those moments where you have really fucked up, can you still feel worthy, lovable and forgiven?

Taurus is going to shine a light on the ways you are your greatest resource!! What do I mean by this? Well notice, how do you get creative and figure it out, when a challenge arises? Notice in what ways do you ask for help and allow people to help you? Give yourself some credits here! How deeply do you trust yourself? How do you channel inspiration into action? This is information you can feel good about right now . Building up your worthiness can be as simple as recognizing, “I’m doing good.” Especially in a culture that is constantly raising the bar!

After the inspirational influences of Aries, Taurus is the fertile and rich ground that these seeds need. Taurus is the time where you are going to tend and nurture. To do this in a good way, align with the pace that these seeds want to grow. This is a reprieve from the usual force of over achievement.

What was once a vibration is now forming into something tangible!

This New Moon is going to bring focus to Worthiness, Voice, Self Trust, and will highlight what holds importance to you. So now what essential oils will match these vibrations and support you?

Why pure essential oils?

Essentail oils are the life force of the plant they come from. They are like crystals and work on your energy bodies. Unlike crystals they reach down to your cellular level and start to rise your vibration from there! When you rise your vibration you become a better match to your desires - and at the same time the old limiting energy, thoughts, blocks and programs start to shift, start to become an “un-match” to you. Which means they are easier to release, change and transform. You may become more aware or less triggered by things. You may just stop acting a certain way or feeling a certain ways. It may become so much easier to eat healthy or start exercising.

I get so excited about essential oils because they are so dynamic. They help you heal and balance the physical body and systems. They soothe and uplift the emotional body AND they clear and rise the vibration of your energy body. Impacting your molecules! Full service, full circle. They are such a powerful daily tool and this is why I incorporate the doTERRA oils in this way.

New Moon Blend :

  • 1 drop of Vetiver

  •     1 drop Patchouli

  •     3 drops of Cedarwood

  •     1 drops of Peppermint

  •     6 drops of Bergamot

  •     1 drop of Wild Orange

  •     4 drops of Jasmine

Qualities -

Vetiver is going to help you center in to your core. Bring a balanced and relaxed state allowing you to tap into more blissful states, like the sloth. Vetiver is all about rebalancing and slowing to smell the roses.

Patchouli is going to do two things. Mostly it is going to remind you of your soul's purpose. Bringing it up from the depths if need be. The second thing Patchouli is helping with is the connection to your benevolent helping ancestors. Ask them for support, guidance and advice. They have walked this earth before and have gain wisdom. *You may have to put a container of time or parameters so that the advice doesn't just keep coming and coming. They are assigned and invested in your success.

Cedarwood is going to help with grace and harmony. Ease and sweetness. Brining in these energies to unfold naturally. 

Peppermint is the oils of release. Allowing you to have help and ease in gracefully releasing. When you release with Peppermint it allows for healing to come in.

Bergamot is the oils of maturity and security. When you pivot from victim to victor or empowered. You are actually saying - I am going to stop asking everyone else to take care of me and in place of that I am going to "mature" and start to take better care of myself. I love me and I can take back my power.

Wild Orange is going to remind you that Abundance is your birthright. You can't undo it, wreck it or stop it from being so. You are the only one in your way to receiving the abundance that is there for you.

Jasmine invites in that true self. The unwounded version of you. The lovely and most joyful expression of you. Filling your heart with this sweet and tender, pure love.


Meditation :

There is a small mention about voice and being an advocate for yourself this Taurus season. I invite you into a meditation exercise to clear your throat chakra. As well as use the sound of your voice to carry your intentions and wishes out to the Universe. Would you join me?

~ Breath and center in; See life force energy flowing form above into the crown or top of your head, to your heart.. Then visualize life giving energy flowing from the Earth, up your feet to your hear.

~ When you feel clam and present : Connect to the Earth Star Chakra, which is below your feet 6 inches to 6 feet. Breathe in the energy of that anchoring, that support.

~ Now see the Seat of the Soul Chakra above the head about 7 inches up above the crown or top of head. Breathe in the energies from both spaces seeing life force energy filling your body and moving easily and freely.

~ Center your focus on your throat and heart. Place a hand on both.

~ You are going to use your voice. Humm or tone. We are going to clear the throat chakra! Optional, play music with singing bowls and sing along. See a beam of light in the from flowing out the front of your neck, clearing the way. And, from the back of your neck, flowing out, lighting up your throat. Focus on your mind on clearing words, beliefs or judgements.

You intention for this clearing can be:

  • Communicate harmoniously

  • Speaking up for yourself

  • Telling your truth

  • Singing more

  • Adding more positive words/complaining less

  • Humbly apologizing

  • Appriciation

More on Taurus :

Other energies of Taurus, is peace and relaxation. Connecting with nature and the intuitive flow of actions to take. You can tap into the feelings of bliss when you let go of the attachment to "when" it is supposed to happen and allow your intuition to guide you in and out of beingness and doingness. 

You are also invited to add a bit more worthiness to your cup of tea, to the recipe that makes up you. How worthy do you feel? Not confident, not secure - but actually worthy. Its that feeling that i can make mistakes, hurt others, myself or things, I can be the worst version of myself and still be worthy of love, forgiveness and abundance. Think of a baby - when it cries, poops, pukes and scratches you with its long fingernails, do you take away your love? So why should you have anything kept from you? Start to embody this level of worthiness.

What is of top value to you in your life? Connection to loved ones? Purpose in life? Being loved and cherished? Security? Taurus is asking the question of why you do what you do and how can you re-align to that which is most important to you. Often people are so swayed by media and cultural norms and programing. 

Personal story : How often do I tell my daughter to change her clothes because those are dirty from yesterday or stained? That is a cultural program - that if you are not presented well you may be judged and excluded. What do I value more - my daughters joy of self expression? More time to play with her? What would it take for me to put my values over cultural expectations?

Saturn is also at play - retrograding until September! Saturn rules your commitments and what you have said yes to showing up to in this life time. Saturn can slow time down a bit so that you can evaluate. It can be a time that your purpose is more clearly revealed to you. Now is the time to ask, Do you still like it? Did you complete it? Are you ready for a different purpose?

How committed to these "assignments" are you? I see this as a time you can clear and change your Karma - What would you like to release yourself of? What cycles are you done with?

New Moon Journal prompts :

Define Abundance in your mind and heart.

What is of top value to you in your life?

Define what abundance means to YOU.

What would it take to create more inner security?

How is your voice wanting to be heard?

How are you resourceful? :

How do you get creative and figure it out? 

In what ways do you already ask for help and allow people to help? 

How deeply do you trust yourself?

How do you channel inspiration into action? 

Life Purpose/Commitments/Assignments :

Now is the time to ask, Do you still like it?

Are you ready for a different purpose?

How committed to these "assignments" are you?

If you could write your own purpose for living this year - what would it be?

Some times the road to our manifestations are not always the most comfortable. When discomfort comes up you can embrace it with staying neutral, not going to war, but in place invoking that trust that allows you to know it is a sign of growth and avoid making it mean, bad Karma, unworthiness, punishment, or a mistake as taken place. So I invite you to re-write that meaning, now!

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