Leverage the energies of Gemini

The energy of Gemini moves fast, like the wind. She is curious and as the ability to see all the pieces in the landscape of your life. She is surveying and looking for the pieces that do not fit anymore. You can do the same. Be curious, don't expect to know right away. Notice, what do you see?

Question. In the question lies the answers. I never understood this before until I realized that if I don't ask the right question I will never get the answer I am looking for. When you find the question that leads you to the answer, it's like receiving a key that unlocks the hidden treasure within! Play with questioning this New Moon.

Gemini loves to communicate and in the “give and take” of communication there is the art of listening. As you may know you listen with more than just your ears; Body language, feelings, hunches, intuition. All these are ways you can notice the information you are receiving. This time focus your noticing on HOW you listen, how can you refine your listening skills?

With communication comes the joy of one another. We essential need each other. We were not designed to live alone, independant and souling focused on personal gain. Some of us are noticing that the more they step into service the more their own needs magically show up.

The shadow parts of Gemini can be the feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, judgement and gossip. What the moments you are going through the moments of small take out of obligation or speaking at a time when you are feeling negative inside. These are the times to activate your tools. Breathe, stop, pause before continuing. Change the subject. Excuse yourself. Take a time out, ground, meditate, self talk, use your this month’s essential oil blend. What else do you do when things are spiralling down?

Gemini is capable of seeing the the map, all the roads and opening up to new answers to solving complex problems. This can happen with those winds sweeping away old perspectives inviting in new mindset, ideas and visions. Leverage this!

Watch out for distractions and rabbit holes! Practicing breathing in your center, finishing a task, closing a chapter and your grounding exercises. Vetiver and Grounding blends of oils will serve you well if you are like me and tend to float away.

Lastly Gemini looks as others as if she is looking in the mirror - the truest form of being the observer of self. They say our outer world is a reflection of our inner. Gemini energy will clear the mirror so you can see. What do other trigger in you? How are they showing up with a message for you about you? How can you notice that the world around you is mirroring?

Feelings are just information. You can use them to fuel your next project or change - like Anger. Or notice a wound that might need some TLC - like Sadness. Emotions are chemical hormone released in the body. They live and circulate for 90 sec. If you can focus the mind on thoughts that produce the chemicals of joy, happiness or peace you can quickly pivot. Write down 2 memories that you can pull on in times when you are triggers, maybe a hug from a long time friend, winning something, or vacationing at the beach.

May this New Moon bring greatness and joy and fun with others.

Amber Jane

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