Leo Black Moon (Second New Moon in Lunar Month)

With this New Moon I learned something new, the name of a second New Moon in the same month is called the Black Moon. I never knew, and never noticed really. Just hearing these words, though, excites and inspires curiosity in me. You and I have most likely heard of a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in the same month. And now we know the second New Moon gets a special name too.

THE BLACK MOON. Some how this feels like a portal opening, like a black hole or escape hatch out of the reality you are in and into the reality you would rather be. 




Place of creation

Blank slate

Infinite possibilities

The depths of imagination

The/Your Center



This is a moment to seise, my friends. 

As I have aligned and committed to the Moon and her phases, for the past year and a half, it is as if I have added a lens or depth of color I had not seen before in the world. I have been dedicated to learning about the energies she brings in. In learning about the seasons of the Stars they add flavor and nuances and was of being into the cycle of our natural seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

I have begun to associate the Summer season with the eclipses time, a time where you can take leaps and bounds in your life. A time where you can more easily rewrite the reality you are in! These energies allow you to truly let go of the old stories, data and shed skins that are not aligned with your greatest expression.

 And just think, this alignment in the heavens happen at a time in the Northern hemisphere where you are invited to play, travel, bask in the heat, take time off and eat from the garden. This process reminds me of the Snake shedding its skin. In the Winter season or the direction of the North on the Medicine wheel you can transform as the butterfly does or the Bear in a quiet place of solitude. Or, as I feel I am now, you can shed the old ways by wriggling around, bending and twisting, rubbing against things, dancing through to your other side!

You are invited to rewrite your future. Your reality.

And with this exuberance, this energy of Leo the Lion, Snake and Summer heat, here is a 4 step exercise to move towards that which you are seeking. 

Journal through these questions : 

Step 1 :

- In this process of rebirth what can you celebrate?

- Write 5 things you are celebrating right now. If it feels difficult what is the silver lining? 

- What has this hardship allowed to have happen, what skill has it had you practice?

For example, maybe you have lost a job. And now you have the freedom to go to the river whenever you want and visit friends this summer. Your connection with community has been tended. Have you been asking for more time to play?

Give yourself permission to celebrate more often. (Theme in Leo.)

Step 2 :

Take it to the future. 

- What are you seeking to celebrate?

- Can you feel it now? Can you see it now?

- Write 5 things you are grateful for (that have not manifested yet). Feel the feeling of already having it. See it in thought form floating in your energy field, condensing, condensing into form.

Step 3 :

- Who is this person you are who has this life?

- What are her behaviors, who does she hang out with?

- What does she love about herself?

Step 4 :

- Write a list of things you like and love about you right now.

- Combine the list with that of the one about your future self.

- Read this list of “I love/like (this about me).” “I am” statements every morning this 

month. See who they grow, see how you merge with them.

Leo Black Moon

Leo Black Moon

Leo is the energy of joy, celebration, true expression, authenticity and being your own leader. Leo has a personal invitation and permission slip to ENJOY life. The Lion encourages you to listen in and act on what lights you up, what makes you happy. Leo energy will influence you to drop the false ways of being and call out more of the real you. This is a moon to recognize your greatness, your uniqueness, your talents and your gifts.

Reveal your realness!

When I hired my first coach she asked me to find my Genius Zone. I remember I wrote all the things I loved to do :

Create art and beauty


Dress up



Tarot and Oracle Readings

Tea with friends

Gardening and talking with my roses

Walking in the woods

Spiritual learning




The list went on. After I filled the page, she asked how I felt about my list. I started laughing and said “Who in the world is going to pay me to do that? There is no job in the want adds with that description.” It was a dark time where I again believed in the story that what I had to offer the world was of no value. I had been born at the wrong time.

Little did I know that I would today be doing those exact things, making money and expanding on what I love to do.

This is a time to dream big dear one. Dream up what you LOVE to do! If you can dream it, if you can stretch your imagination then it lives in the realm of possibilities. Let down your mask so we can see you my friend, and allow the Universe to surprise you.

P.S. This is not a practice in the How it is to happen - just a practice in seeing and feeling the dream.

One thing I am learning is the more authentic I get, the easier it is for people to see me and hear me. When I am more clear about what I want or what it is I am creating (and I am still working on some parts!) I attract things that are clearly for me and in alignment! Make sense? Like attracts like, but if you are hiding - that mask will attract what is not true for you and manifest that into your reality. 

Okay, so it’s like going to Salt & Straw ice cream shop. If you are not certain about what you want the server might suggests and give you lavender, mint sorbet. Dig deep, do you want the cinnamon chocolate swirl? Is the bourbon hazelnut vanilla orange zest calling to you? Practice asking what it is you really want.

Take down the mask, its hurting you. It’s dampening your joy.

Leo Black Moon

Its time to be the leader of your life!

Release old programing. You do not need external validation, permission or approval

Spirit Daughters New Moon book says :

“When we bare our true personality and self to the world we find real belonging.”

This Black Moon can allow you to step into, or practice stepping into, a new frequency, a new data stream or reality. Are you open to the idea that this can be easy, fun, playful, celebratory and joyful?

Call to Action :

  1. What is one thing you can do each day that is on your joy list? 

  2. Schedule it in - right now!

    Really truly do more of what lights you up right now, the future is just a moment away from this one…

  3. - Read your list of what makes you brilliant now and that future version. Especially when you are spiraling down.

Are you with me? Are you open and willing to take a leap into this unknown magnificence?

Lastly if you have done all of the above and its not hitting you out of the ball park… ask yourself where you are playing small? Jaya Rose asks this all the time. She reminds me to step into my bigness and so do I.

What do you want, what do you really really really want? 


Much love to this fabulous Black Moon - Celebrate with me https://www.eventbrite.com/e/july-ritual-on-the-new-moon-tickets-56226706593

If you too want to find your genius zone, like the excursive I did in my story above go here : http://bit.ly/2SPwAFR