Last night I walked into my backyard and glowing above me was the 3rd quarter moon. I am always learning more about the moon and her cycles as it helps me realize the phases of my own life, psyche, ever changing phases and emotions.

Third Quarter moon is a time to release.

I've noticed that the word release can sometime trigger people into feeling imperfect or straight up damaged. And to be honest feels overused.

So what if I suggest a different meaning to the word/action of release for you?

Let's use taking off you sunglasses for example.
You don't think about "releasing" your sunglasses when you walk in the house, nor your jacket for that matter. You just take it off, so that you might feel more comfortable. It's easier to navigate isn't it?

So how about this!?

Think about release as in pivoting the way you are viewing things? The lens you are seeing through.
Releasing in this 3rd quarter moon
AmberJane ask yourself :
What did you get hung up on this month? Was it a certain amount of clients? A book being written? That one person calling you back? How can you move from laser focus on to see what is going well overall?

What perfection or expectation are you unnaturally trying to reach? A perfectly clean house? That project finished and done? Can you give yourself credit for what you are spending time and energy on?

Three changes of your perspective to release what is holding back your joy :
1) Realize that the to-do list is a hungry caterpillar. It will keep eating and growing, eating and growing. So YOU just bite off only what you can chew. Let go of thinking you can mark it all done.

2) Put on the good ol' glasses of gratitude. What is going right? What DID get done. What's to celebrate... did you wake up, did the toilet flush?

3) Realize that life is fluid, unpredictable at times, even when you plan and know what is coming your way. It's like the weather, ever changing. Release the concept that you can control it all. Practice preparing for plan B, adapting gracefully, being flexible or perhaps even the feeling of neutrality, pausing and then respond.

You can't see it ALL, all the time. And if you see more than half of the big picture most of the time you are a freak'n rockstar!

Moon blessings to you friend!

"Peppermint fills your lungs, frees your narrow perspective, and blows away the fog that clouds your awareness, whether that be from emotions, pain or judgment. It brings ease into what is happening now, all the while providing a protective halo from the chaos around you. You stay clear-headed, peaceful, and unharmed. Peppermint will help you center in your truth, and breathe deeply creating space for a new way of seeing things." Plant Wisdom by Amber Jane Arquette

Make a cup of Blue Moon Peppermint Steamed milk!

Insert a toothpick into a peppermint bottle (remember 1 drop is equivalent to 27 cups of peppermint tea). And 2 - 3 drops of Yarrow/Pom essential oil blend. Heat up a cup of milk and 1 tsp of honey. Mint to garnish.