The full moon is usually allowing you to feel into those completion energies. If there is some part of a project that you can notice and realize has been checked off, now is the time for celebration. You did it. 

Full moon energy can also inspire you to really wash your hands of old behaviors and beliefs. Take advantage and let that story fully dissipate. Say thank you and goodbye to that old version of your and allow that moon glow to wash away the debris so you can step into a new light.

This month the word dreamer keeps coming up. In so many places people, conversations, etc. It is this idea that we are the dreamer, dreaming up the Universe. We have a collective dream and we have individual dreams. 

I have been asking lately, is it possible that the Third Dimension reality and Fifth Dimensions can be existent on the planet at the same time? I say I live in a bubble in Portland. Are there little bubbles? Different collective dreams that create realities?

We know in quantum physics and simply mindfulness practices that we create stories and make things mean things that are defined by our perceptions.We get to say if it’s hot or cold. If being alone is peaceful or lonesome. If that man looked at you weird or was tired.

For the next few days be the Pisces dreamer. Dream up the life you want to be living. 

What story can you change right now?

What can you look at differently?

What would it take to feel differently toward someone or something?

I just posted in Facebook land about pivoting in this way from telling the story of victim to being curious and acting in kindness to snap out of a mindset that was putting me in a reality that I did not want to be living. (Read it here.)

The first steps is to take one step out of the feeling or situation :

What can you notice? (Don’t worry about changing anything just yet.)

Just take note, actually happening?

What is the story you are telling? What words are you using?

Who is the story teller - You? Little you? Your mother, father? Society? The News?

Last night I did something really brave for myself. 

I have identified as a people pleaser. One who would rather grin and bare it so that I could keep the group together than honor what i need.

The part of this story I want to share with you has a before, a happening and a new version of me that I am practicing being.

This past week I have been at a four day conference for wellness professional and essential oil enthusiasts. It’s the last day/night. And the 5 of us have reservations at 8pm for dinner.

Side note most of us have not eaten much that day. Two of us have skipped lunch opting for a few snacks. Our bodies is over stimulated and depleted. Personal needs are high, the emotions are amplified and the stories are swirling. 

We end up getting a table inside vs. outside. It’s colder and louder.

I look down the menu and the main dishes are $20-$40. I’ve already spent a lot of money, the menu is full of things that are not good for my body. I start feeling even more stressed, bummed and teary. “Can I pull it together?” “Can I grin a bare it?”

In that moment as my emotions start to turn into panic I decide to excuse myself to the bathroom. In the bathroom I take a minute. I breath, I anoint myself with the new Adaptive and my favorite, Jasmine oil. I lean against the door and I let the stories and scenarios play in my head.

“What if I left?”

“Will the cauliflower stake taste good?”

“Can I drink to ease the discomfort?”

Part of my stress is that I put myself in this situation by my choices through out the day.

I could have had lunch.

I could have not waited for all of us to eat at 8pm and eaten earlier.

I could have shut my mouth when my friend picked out a great and more affordable place. (We were at this fancy place largely because of me.)

I could have budgeted my money.

I could…

But I was here NOW.

So what is a girl to do?

A good girl would deal no matter how shitty it felt. 

Feeling the coldness of the door to the restroom on my back, a voice whispered, “What if I left?”

No, no, I couldn't’ do that. Friends don’t do that to friends. What would they think of me.

But what if…

So I started with the though of what it might be like to stay for dinner. I saw my negative energy effect everyone else. I saw myself get a cauliflower “stake” for $20 and not enjoy it. I played out having multiple glasses of wine and how I might feel in the morning with a 545am wake up for my early morning flight. The dread was swelling…

Have you heard, that after deciding to do something you have a window of 5 seconds before your mind starts to talk you out of it?

As soon as I realized that if I was to get out of there in one piece. As soon as I had the thought that to take care for myself was more important than what others thought of me. As soon as the feelings of championing what I needed even though I might be a big reason for everyone else's discomfort… I had 5 seconds.

I rushed out of the restroom and as luck or divinity would have it, my waitress was right there. I told her to cancel my order. 

I rushed back to the table and told everyone I was leaving.

It was not with out, surprise, irritation, a moment of chaos, and some words but I was out of there. 

I know, you know we can not fix others. But so often, we grin and bare it because we operate with the idea that we can make it good or better for others. We become the sacrifice. I knew could not save anyone at that table from the poor choices that contributed to this dining gone wrong. But I could save myself. I was brave, I did something I have never done before. And I left a situation that I could not contribute a better version of myself to.

In this full moon light can you trust and surrender to a better outcome?

Where can you give yourself permission to choose again - even in the middle of what is not working for you. Whether it is working for others or not. Whether you created the mess?

I wonder can we live in contrast and acceptance at the same time?

Can we change our minds, do something different?

This is different behavior than our parents and their parents.

Different thinking.

It wasn’t a graceful exit BUT it was a start.

I will get better with practice.

Everything in your life comes from a choice or a stream of choices. 

What do you want do choose more of?

What in your life seems like a “have to” or a “should” that you can change to “optional”?

This full moon, this time in your life, this season, this week, remind yourself to dream and to tell stories, use words and make choices that align to that dream unfolding.

Full Moon Oils -

Balance (Grounding) Blend on your feet!

2 drops of Oregano, 2 drops of Laural Leaf and 4 drops of Adaptive (or Copaiba, Spearmine, Lavender and Rosemary). Roll on your temples, your bottom of your wrists and spine.

Diffuse Console (soothing blend) or Forgive (calming blend).