Your new favorite colors for spring : Yellow, Green and Purple!

Why because this Natures Trio is going to give you big instant and natural relief!


 For seasonal discomforts and symptoms use : LEMON, LAVENDER and PEPPERMINT.


Here is how they work :

Lemon supports the body in moving out toxins, like pollen. True Lavender is a natural antihistamine, helping us with our body responses. And Peppermint opens air ways, clearing nasal passages and overall helping with the respiratory system.





How can these 3 simple, yet powerful and ordinary plant extracts make Spring, (or any season really), just as fancy free as the dandelions dancing in the sun?


These 3 come together to uplift us out of our symptoms and back into balance! Yahoo!

Lavender helps with itchy eyes, sneezing and other allergic reactions. Lemon helps us with runny noses, gental detox, liver support and cleansing the air around us, (aromatic use). Peppermint allows us to breathe deep, clearing the lungs, opening up the nasal passages and pushes the refresh butting on our... "ah-choo"... reactions!


How to use them?


Aromatically : You can use a diffuser, your hands or create a misting spray. 

In the diffuser put 2-3 drops of each oil and diffuse next to your work station.

In your hands, touch the top of the bottle to the palm of your hand, turn over, repeat with other two oils. rub your hands together and place over your nose and mouth, breathe in deeply. 

A misting spray can be made by adding 5 drops of each oil in a 1oz misting spray bottle, fill with water and enjoy. Spray around you a co-worker. Kids really love this application. Anywhere that you wish, any time you need. 


Topically : These oil can be placed on the bottom of the feet or right on the chest.


Internally : If you so choose you can use this Trio orally. If your nose can't stop itching and your eyes are fire hoses and you are very uncomfortable I would suggest getting a bit of water and putting 1 drop each of these oils and swallow. 

My husband just drops them in his mouth, but my golly Miss Molly, that a strong experience!

You can put 1-2 drops in your water bottle to support your system throughout the day.

doTERRA put these three in a soft gel capsule that you can take just like you would a supplement. Check it out here OR you can also get your own gel capsules from the natural food store and make your own - 3 drops of each oil.




Place these 3 oils on your next Loyalty Rewards order! Or… Schedule a wellness chat with me!


If you are suffering from seasonal discomforts, don't let another week go by! There is a natural way to bring relief and balance back to your body, this supports you in the long haul, build yours immunity and uplifts your vitality overall. 


Blessings of enjoyment through this colorful season!

Amber Jane Arquette


One conversation worth having : 

Quickly and simply I would like to chat about purity because, we have in this Trio, one of the most popular oils in the aromatic industry. One that is more often synthetically created than naturally distilled. More and more we are finding that our environment and our products are toxifying our systems. Most Lavender on the market is chemically produced in a lab to give you that classic smell. In the essential oil industry this is known simply because there are more Lavender products being sold on the market, than there is available in the farming industry. And it is also known that it is cheaper and more consistant to create a lab essential oils so that companies can have that signature smell. The sad thing is that these synthetic oils cause a lot of harm to our hormonal systems, allergic reactions to the respiratory system and possible reactions to the skin. Why do I sit on my Lavender scented soap box? Because the synthetic essential oil industry is giving pure oils a bad name! 

Ahhh, Thankfully doTERRA essential oils where created with their Therapeutic use and quality in mind. We have these amazing plants that can support us in a highly toxic world. We now can have this potent support when we clean up the world. 

How often :

Most of us oil users use our favorite method or a combo every couple of hours or when our symptoms reappear. Oils are volatile and when they are high quality and pure they will process through the body, on average, in 90 minutes.


Sweet Abundance with doTERRA essential oils

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