In the past couple of years I have been hearing Astrologers, people in Quantum Physics, and Spiritual Leaders as well, talking about new energies. The have stated that the new norm is going to be high energy, time passing more quickly, and manifestations materializing in less turns of the Moon.  Transformation and a call to Action are on the rise. 


Do you feel this? Have you noticed?


March is half way through and the Equinox is right around the corner. I don't know about you, but I thought once the calendar pages turned to 2018 that life would smooth out and be on the way to Brilliance!  However, I would say it has been more transformative than spectacular. What words would you give to the first quarter of the year?


2018 has brought me sickness with a suffocating grip that just doesn’t want to let go, and this is out of the ordinary for me. I have not bounced back, or have been able to work through it like I normally do. These past 3 weeks I have felt like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon; trusting that I am a butterfly when I emerge. 


In fact I created a Mantra for myself as I lie in bed:








Art by  Gary Waters

So how does all this connect to Melaleuca and Boundaries? Well, when you are lying in bed -  this is when you have time to think, and my thoughts have been about BOUNDARIES. I have found that there is a long list of things that we are not taught as we grow up into adulthood; and setting, keeping, honoring, or perhaps even KNOWING, our own boundaries is a big one of them.


I have been noticing that not only am I not aware that I have been sacrificing my own sanity, energy, time and pleasure for others, but I have also overstepped and taken on other peoples responsibilities, jobs and "business". This is part of why I got sick.




So this month I am reminded to use an oil called Melaleuca (Tea-Tree) - the oil of Energetic Boundaries. This oil reminds us where our boundaries lie, and helps us gently hold our boundaries in place, where they are honored and respected. For once we deeply honor and respect ourselves, it has a rippling effect out into our life. This rippling effect either invites people to match our own levels of respect to ourselves or gives us the intolerance for anything less. This intolerance, inspires us to say "No" when needed.  Melaleuca can help us stay in alignment with what we need and don’t need. Melaleuca can help us see what is not ours and how full our own plate is. For over-givers, or “good girls”,  this oil can help you to transform your “doormat” ways. 



This oil is also a great cleanser.  When we do not have clear boundaries, we can often pick up other people's energies and emotions. We can use Melaleuca to clear away these energies that do not match our own “divine signature”. We can feel them weighing us down. Spritz or diffuse Melleuca around your Auric field; or rub some on your Sacral and Solar Plex Chakras. (For sensitive skin, I recommend diluting it).



Other Applications : 



- To keep energetic boundaries, apply the oil to your tummy area. This will amplify your energetic boundary; making it like an invisible "No Trespassing" sign for yourself.



- Using this oil on a regular basis will help you identify and notice when someone is approaching BEFORE they have stepped over the mark. This can be helpful for those wanting more clarity and awareness; for those who are not sure how they got themselves into the mess in the first place. 



- To clear attachments or energies that are weighing you down, apply the oil across the back of the wrists. This is a refreshing trick for Empaths or Highly Sensitives.



- If you find yourself in a negative environment, you can combine Melaleuca with TerraShield - the repellent blend. This can be in a roller bottle or diffused into the air.



- If you are somehow attracting negativity, you can combine Melaleuca with OnGuard; the protective blend and spray that around your Auric field.





In the last weeks of Winter, as the trees begin to bud and bloom,  we too start to emerge from our inner dwellings; our energetic cocoons. May this magical and majestic Melaleuca tree oil support you as you unfold into Spring!



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