Energy Medicine

Not your ordinary healer…

Not your ordinary healing.


I notice when your energy is in need of clearing and rebalancing. I can see you from across the room, your face tells me, and I can see how your body yearns. Even at a distance, I can feel when you are out of sorts and pulled off center.

I work in spirit realms that most people would consider to be magic.

And, I solve problems that have, so far, had no answer. Very stuck and resistant problems. 

I help you return to a level of peace, calm and hopefulness you have not felt in a long while.

Amber Jane is truly a modern day medicine woman.

You’ll go from: 

Scattered - to fully present

Total overwhelm - to decisive/clear

Influenced by the outside world - to trusting your own inner voice

From stressed out - to a peace and calm you haven't felt in years


How I do it:

I provide protocols and practices to integrate essential oil into your daily life, endlessly supporting you.

I understanding body messages and listen for the answers to “Why this dis-ease?” “Why this pain?”

I offer Sound Healing & Chakra Balancing sessions.

I am trained in AromaTouch & Reiki Sessions.

I specialize in Auric Field Clearing, Filling and Prayer Work.

I clear homes and spaces, with uniquely weaving energetic intentions, protection and blessings to have your physical space become a sacred container.

I translate messages from the other side to help with closure and the passing of a loved one, knowing they are okay and you are loved. Yes, I still see and now help the diseased.

I perform Curse, Thought Form, & Belief Unraveling to create more ease and speed to self transformation.

I provide monthly moon rituals, seasonal ceremony, workshops and classes.


What Makes My Approach Unique?

I have the ability to do big work in the most gentle ways. I encourage old, unwanted energetic patterns to transform into what empowers you and brings the best version of you to the surface, so that nothing stands in your way of the life that you desire, wholeness and joy.

What's most unique about me as a healer is my life long abilities to see the best in people and notice what does not match. My training in 21st Century Energy Medicine and Core Shamanic practices has amplified my abilities. I speak with spirit allies, asking for the next best step and most benevolent outcome. I listen intently. And I trust.

What broadens my offering is another gift - the plant kingdom speaks to me. They tap on my shoulder and ask to support you in your process. The use of the plants after sessions allows the positive energies and healing to reverberate and echo through the body, heart and mind. They help integrate the healing for profound results. I specialize in bringing practical magic tools to you!

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