Essential Oils

Not your ordinary oiler…

Not your ordinary oils.

I grew up with a herbalist mother who trusted in the plants to such extent that she decided against the norm to treat me with her herbal remedies for scarlet fever, appendicitis and chronic ear infections. I learned early that the body was capable of healing beyond common thought and that there was a real empowerment to knowing how to use the plants. Thus a belief that the plants can truly help us heal was born.

Since then I have been introduced to the purest oils on the market today. They have the highest frequency I have ever felt, they speak to me, tell me when and for whom to use them and are apart of my daily life helping me with my body, my mind, my emotional wellbeing and my spiritual connection.

Meet them Now

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Essential Oils

When I was a new mom with a 6 month old, essential oils came into my life. It was then that I first heard the oils. They were all lined up on my mantel in the living room. As the morning light flowed in through the window I heard them sing to me.

It was love at first sight. And I tell you more about this in my book. These gifts from the Plant Kingdom connected me back to a lost part of life : RITUAL. Reuniting me to my spiritual roots and inspiring “Living Ritual Daily”. I believe deeply in this original plant medicine. I trust them. I know them. I hear them. And now I share their messages with you.

I use doTERRA essential oils every day in my own life and with my clients. They support beyond my expectations, endlessly teaching me and an irreplaceable tool to my wellness!

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