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You Are Invited to A Different Kind of New Moon Circle.

The New Moon is a time to realign to your #INTENTION, realign your #FOCUS, and realign your #PURPOSE.

Whether it is yours, the worlds or your best friends "funk", YOU might find that simply moving through life with all that "stuff" can weigh you down and distract you from your intention, focus and purpose. These energies can make it hard to hear your Heart's voice, your inner mission and what is at the top of the priority list.

So I created a different kind of monthly circle.

Combining New Moon ritual with Energy Medicine and #Shamanic practices, I will be clearing the group’s energy each month as well as using sound healing to realign. We will charge up your intentions and create an essential oil blend. I will talking about New Moon energies, how to leverage them and how that month’s specific essential oil blend will amplify your intention.

I have created this monthly event for people who want to:

• Revive

• Re-center

• Be Nurtured

• Experience community

• Refocus

• Reconnect

This is a once a month sacred opportunity for you, to clear away the chaos in your mind/life so that you can re-align with your heart and reconnect to your power!

On this night each month, we will leverage the New Moon energies.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. Use this natural law to your benefit.

Each month you will create a powerful intention, feel lighter, more centered and uplifted, and you’ll make a blend with essential oils that will amplify your words.

Save your spot!

here: http://bit.ly/2FbwDIF

What You Get:

Every month you will receive a gift pouch of practical magic. An essential oil blend, affirmations cards and other sweet goodies.

I invite you to be empowered by living this ritual daily.

I invite you to build the power of ritual with each #NewMoon we share together.

I invite you to #Align with our Hearts, so that the world can too.


Join us for 6 months of New Moon Circles (any 6 of the 12 months) and receive:

• A Chakra Clearing & Rebalancing oil blend (you choose which) 10ml roller

• *My Spiritual First Aid Kit pdf

• *A complimentary ticket for a friend.

Buy the 6 month Bundle for $120 here: http://bit.ly/2tfNF2K