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You Are Invited to A Different Kind of New Moon Circle.

The New Moon is a time to look within, bring focus to what is current, clarify your #INTENTIONS and realign to your #PURPOSE.

Each New Moon the sky goes dark and invites you to reflect and realign so you can powerfully plant seeds for the future and manifest your desires.

Clearing the outside voices, the distractions and chaos of life is one of the most important steps before setting intentions, so I created different kind of New Moon circle.

Each month you will step into ceremony :

Experience a group clearing to lift away the heaviness of the day.

Learn about the energies of the current New Moon.

Write your intentions as well as journal prompts.

Create an essential oil blend that amplifies your mantra and reminds you of your connection to the Universe.

Learn the spiritual and emotional aspects of the Plants.

Receive a gift bundle to support your month ahead.

Song, drum, rattles, bells, are apart of the sound healing/clearing I provide.

 This event is for you if you desire to:

  • Revive

  • Re-center

  • Be Nurtured

  • Experience community

  • Connection

  • Clear the path to your desires.

This is a once a month sacred opportunity for you!

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