An 8 week course to claiming your intuitive voice and trusting yourself completely.


What would your life be like if you :

Acted on your intuitive hunches ALL of the time? Even when they went against logic and authority?

What if you walked in this world with even more trust in your ability to make the right choices for you?

“It’s time to turn up the volume on your inner voice and turn down the noises of life.”

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“Amber Jane is a grounded, wise healer who is dedicated to bringing healing to those around her. I appreciate her integrity to her spiritual practices and the beauty she brings into everything she does! I love everything Amber Jane is doing to bring plant medicines, ritual and healing into our world.” - Briana

In a world where ,

the systems of academics, health care, parenting and religion are all based on you not knowing what is good for you. A culture that teaches you that there is an authority out there that knows better than you…

No wonder you disregard, ignore or worse, can’t even hear your intuitive voice, your inner wisdom, your divine guidance.

I have created a 8 week course to help you reclaim the wealth of inner wisdom that is perfectly tailored to you!

A treasure chest full of golden guidance. 

In this course you will learn how to :

  • Use essential oils in ways that will invite in a deeper level of self care, inner trust, and intuitive connection. 

  • Pivot from routine to ritual in your daily life.

  • Learn ways you personally receive information from your intuitive voice.

  • Practice meditation.

  • Learn about anointing with essential oils.

  • Use the spiritual messages of the plants to raise your frequency.

  • Have a powerful morning ritual that will supercharge every other moment of the day.

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What would you be creating, doing, not doing, if you acted on your intuitive hunches ALL of the time? Even when they went against logic and the usual? What would it look like if you walked in this world with even more trust in your ability to make the right choices for you?


Trusting yourself completely does NOT MEAN :

  • Doing everything right.

  • Never making mistakes.

  • Never getting hurt.

  • Having all the answers.

  • You are confident all the time.

Trusting yourself is an evolving process.

When you cultivate more trust you know :

  • You can correct what’s not working into what does.

  • You have what it takes to make it through the challenges.

  • Things will get better.

  • What is best for some may not be best for you.

“I've enjoyed AmberJane Arquette's healing events, sacred circles, reiki healing, essential oils blends, and her beautiful spirit! Any opportunity you get to experience her healing - do! You'll be better for it” - Pamala


I believe it is possible for you to fully rely on your intuition and trust it to be the GPS of your life!

This course is designed to supercharge your day by pivoting from routine to ritual. Imbuing common tasks and routines with the elements and energy of ritual.

So what is Ritual?

I define ritual as not another thing you have to add to your already busy and overachieving lifestyle (because if you live in the U.S.A. you are most likely modeling this never ending doing-ness), I define ritual as and energetic shift, shifting your awareness and focusing your thoughts.

Ritual is the energy of Presences, Peace and Appreciation.

Ritual is practicing a way of beingness vs doingness in your daily life.

Ritual is a moment to feel connected, grounded and empowered.

Ritual is anchoring yourself with intention.


I will give you practices and activities that allow you a safe container to explore the wisdom in your soul.



  • My book PLANT WISDOM - Everyday Spiritual Practices with the Most Common Essential Oils. (Value $18)

  • 10 essential oils + 1 bonus oil! ($150)

  • 8 weekly group calls via zoom; recordings links.

  • 8 weekly LIVE videos in private Facebook group for check in’s and Q&A

  • Weekly nourishment, extra content, and positive influence found in the Facebook group.

  • Program partners to support your process and learning.

  • BONUS : Guest experts in the FB group!!

All this for $297 (Valued at $1100!!)

Course starts Tuesday, October 22th through December 11th, 2019


Testimonies :

“I learned how powerful the oils are and what true allies they are. And how to use the oils to work through emotional blocks. I met a wonderful group of people I hope to stay in touch with.” - Jamie

“I learned about how much the oils can help, to trust my vision, and bring more joy and laughter in my life.” Mary

“I liked connecting both with spirit on an individual path as well as connecting with others.”   - Amy

“Amber Jane brings in her heritage, wisdom, and training in Shamanic practices, essential oils, and energy work to create a sacred space hedged with ritual.
She welcomes participants to share their takeaways. And, in doing so, she fosters a sense of community among them, even for those who are new to it all.” - Shannon

“Wow! Amber Jane is true Visionary! Healer, space holder, medicine woman, channel, deep knower. I’m so grateful to the work Amber Jane does. She creates and holds sacred space in the most divine manner. Thank you Amber Jane for your magic!” - Arin

“Amber Jane is incredible - truly a modern day medicine woman! Whether you simply dip your toes in her presence or if you go all in and experience an energy healing will be so glad that you did! She’s one of a kind.” - Rachel

“I love how Amber Jane holds the energy for the group and makes it a safe cocoon in which to share our deepest fears and dreams. I also respect how Amber Jane is candid about her non-strengths and doesn't try to appear perfect. That gives us license to so the same.” - April

Are you ready to enter this sacred and secret world of plant wisdom?