Energy Medicine Healing Session


Energy Medicine Healing Session

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I notice when you need an energy clearing. I can see you from across the room, your face says it all. Even at a distance, I can feel when you are displaced and out of sorts.

I work in spirit realms that most people would consider to be magic.

And, I solve problems that have, so far, had no answer. Very stuck and resistant problems. 

I help you return to a level of peace and calm you've not felt in years. 

You go from: 

  • Scattered - to fully present

  • Total overwhelm - to decisive/clear

  • Influenced by the outside world - to trusting your own inner voice

  • From stressed out - to a peace and calm you haven't felt in years

What Makes My Approach Unique?

I have the ability to do big work in the most gentle ways. I encourage old, unwanted energies to be release from your body and soul so that nothing stands in your way. 

What's most unique is this grace-given ability to talk to your spirit allies, your guides, the gods, the animals and unseen forces of light in your world. We have a deep, thoughtful conversation and they tell me exactly what you need in order to thrive. I listen intently. They speak wisely. And, this "transmission" or "download" or "channeling" comes through me swiftly and easily so that you feel nurtured back into energetic health. 

What broadens my offering is another gift - the plant kingdom speaks to me. That means you receive soul-level healing and a physical body remedy in the form of a custom essential oil blend to anchor in the cosmos and the earth together. This is what true grounding feels like.