My story


I have felt lonely and misunderstood. My entire life. 

I saw things others did not. I was aware of the unseen. I spoke to spirits. I heard nature whisper.


As a little girl my family moved a number of times. In one of these houses I immediately started seeing a grumpy old woman - a spirit - living there. I could communicate directly with her and hear her in my mind. I learned quickly that she was sick and tired of being stuck in the attic. She started coming down to the laundry room in the back of the house. Her silhouette would wander around and sometimes she would look at me through the back window. Often it scared me. And in some way, it seemed she was looking for help, help to get to where she belonged. I had such compassion for her and the other sprits I came across. But at that time I didn't have a clue that I could possibly help.


This is just one of countless experiences I had in speaking to spirits and interacting with the unseen world. And before I learned the art of Core Shamanism I was confused and scared, drained and overwhelmed. No one believed me when I told them who I saw and what they said. They couldn’t understand my deep hunches or the paranormal phenomena I experienced. They simply didn’t believe in what they couldn’t see.

For me, there was no deniying it was apart of my life. And that’s why, after years of trying to find my way, I started studying Energy Medicine and Core Shamanism. It was like a homecoming. I was able to learn from and sit in circle with others just like me. The joy of finding my tribe and to know I wasn’t alone was a huge relief!


I have now a great understanding of my gifts.

I talk with plants.

I am keenly aware of and able to clear energy that doesn’t belong.

I can fill people up with hope and rejuvenation, healing through sound.

I use these gifts to offer profound insights for clients with problems they thought were unsolvable.