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7 years ago, I was a new mom with a 6 month old and new to having essential oils in my life. It was then that I first heard the oils. They were all lined up on my mantel in the living room. As the morning light flowed in through the window I heard them sing to me.

It was love at first sight. The Plant oils connected me back to a lost part of myself. Reuniting me to my spiritual roots and inspired daily ritual. I believe deeply in bringing the plants back into our homes. I was raised with herbal medicine and never created a relationship with our modern medical system. Because of this I completely trust them. I know them. I hear them. And now I talk with them.

Since starting my bachelors with Light Song I now work energy medicine combining these high frequency essential oils and shamanic healing modalities. I use the ease of plant oils because they amplify energy medicine and can be applied by anyone! The Plant Kingdom is a big Ally in my own life and with my clients. I enjoy introducing this aspect of self expansion to people who haven’t yet thought of using the oils in this way. I get joy from teaching people new ways of incorporating Living Ritual Daily into their everyday.


If you feel unresolved, stuck in a repetitive pattern, energetically depleted, not yourself or have a deep calling to work with Spirit, we are a great match.

I help my clients come back into wholeness using two unique approaches:

1.  I work with benevolent and loving Guides, Sprit Allies and the Arch Angels. They help with clearing energies that do not match your divine soul. 

2 . I also work with high frequency essential oils and the plant kingdom. The plants tell me how they can support you on a cellular level making way for change even when you are not aware.

My work is done compassionately, with love, offering you a warm, safe place to come back into yourself. 

To learn more, simply book a free chat with me below.

I am excited to work with you in the ways your soul needs the most.