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Divine Downloads Podcast

It’s easy to laugh with Lisbeth Overton one minute and dive deep the next. She asks Amber Jane to share what it was like growing up and how did her spiritual work come about.

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Coffee & Chi Podcast

Lori Lishan and Amber Jane talk about her book, how the plants speak, morning rituals, and how to deepen your relationship with the essential oils.

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Law of Attraction in Action Podcast

How to be Comfortable with Discomfort. Amber Jane and Michele have a great conversation with how to deal with upper limiting and to find ways to get comfortable in the discomfort.


Tactical Magic Podcast

Molly Mandelberg is an amazing and different marketing coach. She runs Wild Hearts Rise Up. This was such a fun podcast! We talk about intuition and being a spiritual business woman! The importance of essential oils as a tool in your healing practice. And listening to yourself over others.